This is the world where I will post all of the chapters from begining to end in my book "Wolves of the Night".

I first type the chapters into my computer on a Word document, and save them, and then copy-paste them into a post on this world.

I wish you could add color to posts, that way I can make the chapters a bit more eye popping, unfortunately theO doesnt have that kind of feature yet, should I say

Also, please dont steal my ideas or story. I know that this book isnt published yet and has no legal copyright, but that doesnt give a right for it to be stolen. Im posting it here so that I may get feedback on what others think of it, and on my writing/storymaking skills, not for others to feed on it for their own purposes. If you would like to use some sort of anything in my book, please ask me first for permission, thank you.

So I hope you read and like, any and all comments or critique is appreciated!

Read from the Prologue on, which can be found in the last page on this world at the very bottom, and continue up to each chapter. Enjoy~!

Chpt 21- Battles

Two days had passed since the day I had to sneak into Nahai. My wounds had healed enough so that I was able to walk around, though I still had to wear bandages from my waist up to my chest. Everyone was in my room, thinking of our next plan. ...

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Chpt 20- Black and Grey

The cloaked man who had been teaching Luna her lessons was not a cat as she had expected, but a black wolf. And he was very cute. He had medium length dark grey hair and black eyes. He wore all black, with the exceptions of chain mail under his op...

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Chpt 19 -Mysterious Stranger

The strangers face wasn’t visible, or any part of him, for that matter, since he wore a black hooded cloak that flowed down past his ankles. The hood of his cloak covered his eyes and above, but his nose and mouth could be seen. &ldqu...

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Chpt 18- Full Moon Crisis

The moonlight shone into Leanne and Luna's room in an eerie way. Night had fallen quickly, and the moon sat high in the sky above Soule. Luna lay awake in her bed and looked over at Leanne, who was sleeping peacefully, her breathing slow and stead...

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Chpt 17 - Seal the Deal

“Come on Riku! Get out!” Luna yelled as she tried to push Riku out the door. “No! I have to stay with her,” he argued. “You cant stay in the room while we change and bandage her,” Luna countered....

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