Possile RP!???

Hi everyone! I was thinking about hosting a RP(role play) session. Then using what happened during the RP story as a fan comic.

There are currnetly a few problems:

  • I don't have a name for it yet.
  • I don't have a story line yet.
  • I do not have internet at my house yet, and not partisipating in my own RP is not cool.

That was the bad news, the good news is this: I was able to decide on a genre. I will need about 8 people (OC's). The OC's can be based on any anime/videogame/tv show. but there will be restrictions on powers and abilities.(Arrancars vs Pokemasters could end badly, or really funny, so I guess that will be a case by case thing). I have not pre-determined the gender of any of the characters.

Rating:PG 13 and under


  • Main hero.
  • Main hero's best bud.
  • Smexy hot person.
  • Really strong or smart person
  • Possible badguy(they can never trust Him/Her)

    Badguys~or maybe they are just misunderstood:

  • Main badguy
  • Main badguy advisor
  • Main badguy gf/bf
  • Bodyguard
  • Really sneaky person

    Neutral people:

  • Captain of the guards
  • Guards
  • Wise person


  • Shopkeepers
  • Barmaids
  • Farmers/city workers
  • Bard/musicians

So basically you design a person that fits the position, and are in charge of what they say and do.

*NOTE* Some of the characters, ie: Extras and Neutrals, may only be used/run into a few times.

Post a comment or PM me to tell me what you think, and if you want to join!

Any suggestions would be great. Questions are welcome!