inufluffy12's character profile

Name: Diana
Age: 15
Looks when in Wolf form or other: A dark purple colour that almost looks black
Looks when in Human form: Pale skinned. Wears black cargo pants and a dark blue tank top that matches her hair. Wears a black chocker with a blood red stone
Hair: A dark purple that almost looks black
Eyes: A lighter purple than her hair
Personality: Changes depending on the person she talks to. If she likes you, she kind and sweet. If she doesn't...
Height: Human - 5"2. Wolf - 4"0 and when on hind legs 5"2
Weight: will not say XD
Wolf/Human/or other animal: ??? (Help please?)
Past: Lived with her mother and older sister in their pack. Her sister was taken by humans a few years ago, and now she's trying to find her
What you are looking for: Her older sister
Family/Pack: Her mother and Sister, Lila. Her pack was made up of mostly females, and males were mostly used only as a mean for breeding and protection.
Summary: Will do anything to get her sister back. Has been traveling alone since she ran away from her pack after they didn't want to help get her sister back. Treats men like dirt, because that was how she was raised.