Walking along in a guilt filled place.

I couldn't stand it. The overwhelming guilt, pulsing throughout my chest, made me fell like throwing up. I walked outside, my eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe that i had said that to her. One of my best friends. She was depressed, and it was all my fault. It's like i couldn't breathe. I let the tears run down my face. I had read all her new posts, she was sad very sad, and it was my friggin' fault. The agony of what i had done swept through me.
"It's just a dumb cat!" I muttered under my breath. At lunch i had argued with her, refusing to back down now. I was enraged yes, she was ignoring me. I said things when i was angry (don't we all >>) I looked back. She had gotten up from her sitting position, and was stalking away. I felt remose pull at my emotions. I was pissed, but that was fading making was for worry. I went and sat in the corner, my face pressed into the wall. I felt people all around me, but i couldn't see them. My eyes were clouded, i was far away. One of my other friends approached.
"She's crying."
I didn't move.
"So is the other one."
"Why is she?" I asked tonelessly.
"Her phone was taken. Ahhhh man now i fell like crying too." I looked up, her eyes were starting to water. She sat down in front of me.
"You okay?" I asked, anxious. (I HATE making my friends mad/sad)
"I shouldn't be crying, its retarted." She said rubbing her eyes.
"Why?" I asked.
"I got her phone taken away" she said, still rubbing her eyes.
"She's not mad at you anymore." She said. I got up, sighed, and walked toward the group.
"Look im sorry. I didn't mean all i said. I didn't know you had a cat named that." I said. She didn't say anything. I mentally sighed. I walked over a little ways and slid down the wall. The one that had talked to me came over and sat down next to me.
"Well this sucks, but its a friday atleast. Well that doesn't help much does it?" I shrugged. First bell rang and i left, still felling like i had eaten something bad. I still fell that way......