These are all my little photographs that I have taken.. >w>

Mostly probably of my boyfriend and I.. lol..

I hope you enjoy them!

~ Bloody



Dress Dress Dress. LOOOOVE IT


Better image of it

Prom Dress

This is my prom dress... >w>
I'll post a pic of me in it soonish? xD

My Pets!

Here is a collage I did in Photoshop for my computers 2 class.. X3
This is all my pets, Well my old pets included.
The cat is Raven, under Raven is Buddy, Baby, the weird looking dog is Lakota, beside him is Jett then above Jett is Buster.
Raven is a Highland Lynx mix.
Buddy was an American Bulldog and English Mastiff mix.
Baby was an Olde English Bulldogge.
Lakota is a Plott Hound Mix
Buster is an Akita Chow Chow mix.