This story is in a different world. This world has the same animals as ours, but not all is the same. Not all humans are equal. There are no slaves, but there are "street runners", the street runners are the lesser end of the human race. There are also genetically modified wolves in this world. These wolves think like humans. The wolves can only talk to some humans though. These humans are the called. These wolves have protected the peace of this world with the help of the called for as long as record exists. "Hunters" exist in this world to. They hunt the wolves and use electrical callers to control them. Hunters are the root of all evil in this world, the called must stop them, and legend has it the greatest called ever will be a street runner.

End of first chapter

Snow swirled as two boys ran down the side of a cliff. "Alex, this is crazy. We can't escape, and leaving Kodiak and Shadow is a fool's move," the boy with long red hair yelled through the storm.

"We have to do this Adam. If we don't the others will never know what the hunters have planed.

"Look here's their tracks, they went this way," a voice sounded through the snow. 

"Great, the hunters cot up," Adam said, "Damn, could this get worse?"

"You spoke to soon," Alex called from just ahead of him.

"What, why is that?" Adam muttered.

"We can't go any farther in this direction, we're at a cliff." Alex cried as the hunters appeared from the snow. Two wolves were at there sides. 

"Cot you, that was fun, but next time kids don't make it so easy," the older of the two men said smiling as he grabbed Adam. 

Adam stumbled back trying to free himself from the old mans grasp. He bumped into Alex and the blond screamed as he fell over the cliff and into the raging river.

"Let's go return this prisoner to his cell," the old hunter said with a slight laugh as the other who's long silver hair was tied back in a pony tail looked over the edge of the cliff.

"Shane, what do we do about the other one?" he asked.

"Don't bother Mat. He fell from so high up. He must be dead," Shane said, "now let's get back to the base, it's cold here."
Jay and Chase made there way out of the town.

"Jay, it isn't a good idea to come out here during Winter, you now that right?" Chase barked as he looked back at the town he had spent his hole life in.

"So, I just want this all to end anyway." Jay said unenthusiastically.

"You mean you want to die?" Chase questioned shock in his voice. 

"Why shouldn't I? I have no family, no things, what is there for me?" Jay yelled at Chase.

"Jay, I need you to be around. We are partners, otherwise we wouldn't have met." Chase growled.

"So says you." Jay snapped back.

"What did the wolf say?" a girl with a light brown wolf next to her asked.

"Nothing, he said nothing," Jay said blushing as he looked he over. Her hair was long and strait. She wore a tight black outfit and had beautiful amber eyes, or at least Jay thought so. Sadly for him she was probably a noble, in other words way out of his league.

"he said something to you, I can tell." She stepped in front of him.

"He said we were partners, happy now?" Jay yelled.

"Very, I'm Kristen, but please call my Kris, and this is Lily," Kris smiled at him.

Jay blushed bright red, had this noble just told him her name? "I-I'm Jason, Jay for short, and the wolf is Chase." Jay stammered shifting his feet.

"Well Jay, you should come with me, there is a place of people like us," Kris smiled winking at him.

"People like us? You do realize I'm a street runner right?" Jay questioned her.

"Ya, but I also realize you're one of the called," Kris smiled.

"A called?" Jay asked.

"Like me, a person who can understand a wolf," Kris smiled. "We're trying to make things better."

 "O-okay," Jay said as he fallowed her.


"Find the one that got away!"

"When I get it I'll kill it!"

The voices carried from the large laboratory building. Inside men waring black uniforms rushed up and down the halls, back and forth. All or them seemed to be looking for something, checking one place running off to check another while someone else checks the same place, then coming back to check it again.

"What happened," a black haired man walked into the building. His dark eyes scanned the room.

All the men looked at each other. After a short while one of them spoke up, "Well you see Night, one of the wolves got out."

"Witch one?" Night asked his eyes gleaming angerly.

"N-Number 17, the w-white and black m-male," the man stammered, seeming to shrink under Nights glare.

"And how did this happen?" Night questioned all of them.

"W-we don't know," the man stammered again looking quite scard now.

"You don't know," Night said looking at all of them, "You don't know," He repeated again. "We can't have them getting away, they're our ticket to control. The more wolves we loss the more called we have to deal with. A called is nothing without his wolf, and you have just let one more find his!!!"

"T-there's n-no g-garentee t-the w-wolf h-has f-found t-the o-one h-he's s-supposed t-to b-be w-with," the man stuttered with a large amount of effort.

"So you think it's okay? You think it will make no difference that that wolf got out?" Night hollered, his face red with fiery.

"N-no, j-just th-that t-there m-might b-be n-no h-harm d-don."

"You had better hope there isn't," Night threatened him and without another word left the building.

Main wolf arives

Early morning sun-light reflected off the snow. Black paws flashed throwing up the snow. A huge, white and black wolf ran down the street His black ears pricked for sounds behind him, his black tipped tail streamed behind him. His breath came out of his black mussel in clouds as his black legs churned the snow. An ugly gray collar rubbed on his neck. Memories flashed behind his eyes. A small black wolf, her home and family, being alone, all his past memories, how he wished he could forget. An patch of ice, his paws slipped. A boy fell beside him as he stopped sliding. Sitting up he looked at the boy. "Hay where are you from, what's your name?" the boy asked his blue eyes sad. "I don't know," the wolf whimpered, not expecting to be heard. "Wow!!" The boy fell backwards. "I didn't just hear that right?" he said looking at the wolf. "What, I didn't hear a thing," the wolf answered. "You're talking," the boy stared at him in surprise. "What, I knew some humans could hear us but I've never seen one of them," he muttered in confusion. "Well since you can hear me, you mind getting this collar off of me?" he barked. "Okay, I'll get it off, but you'll need a collar if you don't want to get picked up by the dog catcher. I'll put a better one on if you want," the boy said. "Fine, just get this one off of me," the wolf barked. He watch the boy pull out a red collar that he replaced the one he had on with. "Well my name is Jason, but you can call me Jay. Now you need a name," the boy said. "I have a name, I just don't remember it," the wolf growled. "Well I can't call you by that, how about Chase?" the boy insisted. "Fine, but I'm not your pet, you got that." the wolf growled at him. "I didn't say you were, Chase," Jay responded.

start of story

"It's cold," a light built red haired boy complained as the snow was blown into the shelter he shared with his brother. His blue eyes reflected the cold moon light.

"It's always cold Jess. Look at us, scraping out a life on the streets of this place wile the workers and nobles all live in warn houses with everything you could ever want, and don't get me started on the hunters," his brother scoffed. With long black hair pulled into a pony tail and a cold blue eyes the older boy looked out of the shelter. "One day, Jess, I'll get us out of here. Mom and Dad started, I'll finish for them," The muscular boy muttered. Looking at Jess he took off his torn jacket and handed it to him, "Put it on, you'll freeze."

"What about you Jay? You're the one who gets sick all the time, you need it," Jess protested shoving the jacket back at Jay.

"I'm fine. I don't need it more than you. Just do what I say," Jay insisted.

"But Jay, You'll ..." Jess tried to protest again.

"I said put it on, now put it on!!!" Jay yelled.

Jess slipped the jacket on as Jay settled down. Jay quickly fell asleep. Seeing his chance Jess covered Jay with the jacket and settled himself shivering. Slowly his eyes closed.

Jay opened his eyes slowly. pushing himself into the sitting position his jacket fell to the floor beside him. He looked at it for a moment, than suddenly jumped up and touched his brother who lay near by. He was cold, Jay stared in horror. Now his hole family had been killed by the hard lives street runners faced. He pulled on his jacket and went through Jess's pockets. In the world of street runners nothing went to wast. He found a red collar that was in almost new condition. Jess must have raided a nobles garbage to find that, but what use was it? Jay was just about to leave, but something told him to take the collar. He reached back and grabbed it before slipping away from the shelter never to come back.