Luppee's eyes went very narrow and focussed. 'ENOUGH PUP!!' He said with anger of being threatened. He pinned the pup down with one huge paw and looked down at him growling and bearing his teeth. 'You happen to be on my land and my pack's... which...

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Zen Gets Protective

Zen notices the New wolf that turned up, so he dropped his meat and walked infront of Silver "Lupee What Do you want here" Zen Stood As strong as he could "And Also my Deer that I Hunted So back off"

Here enters Luppee (The local Alpha Male)

The huge pale gray handsome wolf comes bounding out of the bush, as he smells the two younger wolves eating the dear... he seemed playful but had a serious streak when needed. in his deep voice he said 'Hello, I am Luppee,' He stood proud his fron...

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"yeah i know"

You can eat you know

Zen looks up with a bit of deer meat in his mouth "youb cannb eatb youb knowb"
Zen said trying his best to talk with the meat in his mouth