Wagh T T stupid hackers

Well we had one great hacker on wonderland yesterday, he hacked everyone, deleted about over 132 people, including my brand new alt I made to tell the first chapter It's late and I have a baseball game to get to later, so chapter 1 wont be up until I recreate my alt....stupid hacker Y Y he also hacked my main and stole my qi pao dress and my iron bracers XP evil b*****d well I have to head to bed, enjoy this everyone
*drools over Louis while Cloud pouts in the background*

Welcome to my Wonderland Online Life

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Welcome to my Wonderland Online life, I'm Kairi UJMK, as some of you know, and this shall be the story of my adventures in wonderland. Problem is that my main is lvl 27 and has done many of the quests, hence the stories wont be set up until a new alt that is identical to me is created and posted to add pictures, kinda like making this a picture story well for those who've played wonderland online these are my stats...
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Level: 27
HP: 645
SP: 814

Hope you enjoy the stories once posted up for now enjoy Louis, the smexy partner you get after defeating the pirates in Athens
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