heh heh... When you take your finals...don't fall asleep...and study for them...and...take your time...and...be quiet for them...and..and...and...uhhh....that was bad advise...


When you are feeling ypset or mad, don't let it out. It will only rub off on others, and then they will be upset or mad. If you are having a sucky day, act like it's been super. Its really the only way to fix things. Don't fall asleep in math class, or at work, and hope when you wake up, that every thing will just be dan-dee, because it won't. If you fall asleep, your teacher or boss will be ticked off. Maybe call a friend, or talk to the pet(look, I know it seems really dorky, but it works, besides, pets never interupt you). Tell a joke. And most of all, Smile. It has been provem that if you act happier than you really are, that you will be happier. Maybe not a lot, and you may not notice it, but others will.
Have a good day!