This is where you can see our art before it hits theO! XD AKA sketches and other boring stuff!!

We accept crits at all stages~

Thanks for looking!! :D :D

This picture is causing me problems

Art trade with someone on DA. This is my half...WIP of course.
Gimp is freaking out on me so the brush I usually use to shade/highlight is NOT working >< And I really want to finish it tonight.

It's cyborg 004 and her OC.


Centaur WIP

Copic markerssssss~ Oh Copic markersssssssss~ Why do I fail at youuuuuuuuuu~ (good song)

Just needs the background.


Yu Gi Oh WIP

Since I don't think I'll finish this tonight like I IS 11 pm you know! I'll just post it here :)
If I wake up a bit more i'll start colors *I really want to color right now D:* but if not I'll finish by tomorrow :3

Now I'm not a big fan of YamiHikari pairings and this is in no way meant to be taken as such. It's more of a....meeting each other for the first time idea XD



These are all the kids that have been born over the course of our original story XD....well...not yet. I have 4 more to sketch...and then inking and coloring all of these....OH goodness haha

Critique appreciated, but these are just in sketch zone :)



In progress picture for something I got Emi for her birthday (which is the 13th by the way)! I can't give much detail cuz then she'll know what it is :P BUT she HAS seen this picture so I figured I could post the WIP! It just needs a background XD I plan on doing a few more pictures for the gift and have them done by Friday! :D Wish me luck -.- probably get ONE done! This took long XD The others might not be so detailed XD

Anyway onto the drawing! I really REALLY like the hair! :D SERIOUSLY! I think I'm going to keep doing that for a while (or forEVER lol)
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd some decently drawn girls! YEAH, you all thought I couldn't draw them (*coughs* I can't *coughs*)

Let me know what you think :3