Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was 5 years old when I first met Marc.I was crying because my mom had just died and he came to me and asked,"Why are you crying?Here."He gave me a little snowflake ornament which I still have today.After that,we became best friends up till high school. We had been long time friends but I never thought that we would become something more.......
"Jenny!Jenny!" It was a cold winter morning and someone was calling my name."Come on!Get up!We're gonna be late!" I checked my clock,it was 8:08.I quickly got up to change and ran down."Hurry up!"The one who kept yelling at me was my childhood friend Marc.We were running to school and barely made it in time.At lunch a group of girls came to me."Hey Jenny,are you really not going out with Marc.I mean he's like the most popular guy in school."I sighed and looked them straight in the eye."We are just friends and it will never change okay?I feel nothing towards him." They walked away whispering and giggling."Jenny,could you act like a girl for once?I mean look at how your dressed,and your hair?!" This was said from one of my only girl friends,Jade.I just shrugged and went back to my sandwich.I didn't really care what people thought of me,and that's probably why no guys bother to ask me out.Marc probably thinks of me as one of the guys.The rest of the day went by normally and I was walking home with Marc. We usually played around with each other but this time we were completely silent. That's when Marc stopped.I stopped too and asked "Why did you stop?"He turned to face me and said,"Earlier today,you said that you didn't feel anything towards me.Did you really mean that?" I was surprised by this but then started laughing."What are you talking about? Are you messing with me?" But then stopped because he looked dead serious."Well...we are just friends.. and...." That's when he suddenly grabbed me and kissed me. Then he whispered,"I love you Jenny." I didn't know what was going on and just ran away from him.