the stars

I love you more then the stars in the sky, I love you more than the Lord Can supply, with every feeling of you, shining in my eye, from the time we met, to the night i die, and if the stars start to fall, then for you I will catch them all, but even as there no longer are skys, there will still be wonderous galaxies within your eyes, even if my heart starts to shake, with your heart it will never break, so keep it safe, keep it warm, and in eachothers arms we will survive the storm

No one

Broken hearts upon the table
shattered dreams are hard to label
espacially when their yours
tears lapping upon the shores
calling out
whispering for help
turning towards others
no ones there

To keep u

I'll hold u in my arms
to keep u safe from darkness
I'll keep u close
to keep u within arms reach
I will always love u
To keep u within my heart

From those of us above

pain pain fall like rain
upon a girl with hair acurl
and broken wings
she sadly sings
about her life filled with strife
may her heart be blessed
and those of us who are depressed
may we be happy
when we truly are set free
so we may die one day
but for our families we forever pray
safety to the ones we love
from those of us who are above

Don't judge this till the end- Sad;Sleep

come lets dance till our limbs fall off
then we'll lie here in the cold night frost
so please cry
for soon we'll die
this darkness we'll share
for in the end who else will care?
we are broken
for we are unspoken
useless toys
doesn't matter whether we are girls or boys
shattered tools
can never build homes,stores or schools
can you hear them call
as you fall
eyes the color of lead
seems we are already dead
watch as our sin turns blue
tell me does this feel like anything new?
that time has passed
why does it darken so fast
there is not one moment to weep
just close your eyes hear my voice and drift off to sleep