DONT READ THIS UNLESS YOUR MY WIFEY!!!!! This is just pointless updates for my best fwiend.


here is how much i have progress in my artisic ability since you saw it is. I have more pages but i wont scan/show them until i get GOOD reviews about the first page. There is no title to this comic. Mabey just "GLaDOS" or something. please comment and tell me what you think. Also visit this link mkay?


Hai......... Wish me luck jenny!!!!


HEEEEEEYYYYY WIFEYYYYY!! I keep textin ya man!!! Answer me for once!!! Ok. Its school spirit week and today is Nerds VS. Jocks and I just have my normal glasses and a sideways pony-tail. I look bomb. (I iz also wearing a skirt) My mom has "call history" on the T.V. so I cant call you, and she took away the Ds so I can't update all the time... sorry. I'm trying. I've made some good progress on my artistic ability. YOU NEED TO CALL ME!!! I'm sure my mom might be mad, but I don't care... (15 minutes just past between that last sentence and this this one... stupid advisory) ANYWAY!!!! No..seriously call me....I miss you and you need 2 come over soon. There is so many pictures I want you to see. (I 2 am making a yuri comic between me and you.) And how are your comics going, BTW?


Well its second semester for me, and I just know I'll have art. Still sick, but getting better. Im gonna try to post a picture I made...oh wait...Its hella too big..hehehehe... never me I just got my schedual...lets see what it says:Spanish 2, P.E., Drawing 1 (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT),Algebra 2, Freshman Lab science, and Freshman English 2 Honors....Well. there is my thingy that I can't spell.... ummmm... I drew THE perfect kissing picture. You know I've been alsways trying to perfect that. But I couldnt stop thinking of phillup, so I "deticated it" to him and me. on it, it says "I miss the old days" in cursive(which im not good at. Lol.)ok...My coughing is making me want to pee my pants, I have a thing called anime on demand (for Direct TV)and I have been hoooked. But my style of anime (for watching and drawing)is more in a love catagory. But the GOOD love shows are rated TV-MA, so I'm mad...I think I ashould finish the storys I started in my other worlds, huh? My Organization XIII and Sasori fanfics. Oh dear god... A video is starting at school for Freshman Elections 2011... I DON"T WANNAAAAA!!! any whoooooo?... Now I'm just going on and on about nothing important. Sorry. Mom pointed out a retared fact about anime and Japan yesterday. She says to me while I'm watching an anime "Why do you watch that stuff anyway? Its from a horrible country that kills whales and thinks rape is a good thing (not going into details about that part). " then countinued on until she ended it with "..Its a effed up and backwards country" GRRRRR!!! I had no way of defending them. But i defended myself by saying I just like to draw the stuff. Well.. I have to go pee and vote with this stupid freshman electives. please remember to watchthat new show "seriously funny kids" at 9:30 for comcast and 6:30 for satilite. on the lifetime network. look for the video of a baby saying buh bye, d***it. ok? BAIII!!!

Sorry wifey

Well, I can keep updates but I can no longer post pictures, because I do not have computer graphics next semester. But i'll still update on my DS. I wasted time with Halo or I would have posted pictures. but you'll see me soon right? ok!