Is anybody here? Is anyone alive? lol


I said I'd post some of my recent sketches here but im exhausted after putting them all on DA so im gonna do it tomorrow or tuesday.

night night

I'm homeee

I got home on friday and I've been settling back into being at home. I posted a wallpaper of doctor who yesterday that i did before i even went on vacation and i'll probably make another wallie in the next few days, I'm posting a few things that i've done in my sketchbook on my deviantart (psyckostinamuffin.deviantart.com for those who don't know it, also a link in this blogs intro) and I'll post a couple of my best ones here too for you guys, and probably do a few each day if i get around to it. (They need to not limit how many things you can post a day here)


I updated most of my other sites like my Doctor Who blog and my DA and stuff and COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE

-face palm-

I've been on vacation out of state since July first and im still here so ive been pretty much absent from most online places. I won't be able to do any wallpapers or anything photoshop til im home since there is no photoshop here but I MIGHT put up some drawings ive done, not too sure on that, but im gonna say not until im home for those to be safe. I'm leaving here the 10th so expect something soon after that hopefully. I know im also going to be going up north not too soon after i get back with my dad and stuff so yeah.

Hope to be back soon (:


O M G, it has been SO long since I've been here! I missed it!!! D:

I'm on a lot of other sites but this one I seemed to have forgotten about Q_Q

I'm sowwy, I really wanna come back too! So I think I'm gonna make an effort to come here more :D

I know I prolly said "oh I'll be back soon" a few times before but this time I think I mean it! :3