hello everyone!thank you for veiwing this world and i make stories on here that are made up but i mightwrite a real story but maybe not well hope you like them and dont forget to comment (optional)

alice in wonderland story chapter 4!

CHAPTER 4! hey guys sorry i haven't been active lately i just got my laptop back so yea!thanks for being patient with me and not sending me things saying "omg!hantan why wont you update?!"well something like that and yea..so thanks and here is cha...

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alice in wonderland story chapter 3!

herro everyone!im sorry i was not updating stories that often..so..HERE YOU GO!ALICE IN WONDERLAND CHAPTER 3!!hope you like!-hanatanxpokota SOMETHING STARTS WHEN SOMETHING ENDS -chapter 3- I woke up...confused..not knowing what ...

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alice in wonderland story chapter 2

3/4/12 the white rabbit -CHAPTER 2- just me........living on my own..all of that changed when i heard something...here was something in the bushes of my garden..i walked slowly over..as a peered around i spot som...

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alice in wonderland chapter 1

ALICE IN WONDERLAND -from Alice's view- story by hanatanxpokota this is my version of it it was a warm spring day... -CHAPTER ONE- It was a warm spring day...i was outside enjoying my tea.. alone..it was ...

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so many veiws D:

why so many veiws?(to me 34 is a lot)well its good to know you guys really like my stories on here and yea..thank you guys for liking my post!i will post more to come!till then see you!
thanks for the support!