Every couple of days or so i'll post about what i'm liking or what i'm disliking or even both, about the world, anime, manga, random stuff. I'm a random person so a lot of what i post might not be what people like, so i'm sorry in advanced if i offend anyone. I really like yaoi so if you don't like it, oh well then.


I really like this youtuber i don't know why just all his rants an raves just make me laugh ass off. His names davidsocomedy he's small on youtube but really funny, at least i think so, you guys should check him out if you like this video. >v<


I love the akatsuki, even though they're evil. My all time favorite members are Hidan and Kakuzu. Seeing hidans head get chopped off in this video is like the most hilarious thing to me, and i love kakuzus stitches.


Mother of god. This video made me laugh so hard when i first seen it. Naruto, but with with beards....i watch some pretty strange stuff. >v< Kakashis beard is awesome!
It's called Bearduto.mov


Ugh. School. I mean i like school but i also don't like it, at the same time. I only really like 2 classes and that's choir and Spanish. I'm planning to take Spanish the rest of highschool and choir, i love to sing i don't know why but i really love to sing. At my school we're doing a talent competition called celebration and my whole choir are singing 4 songs, i'm excited and can't wait to sing in it >v<.