Hello, i'm Alex. I am a girl but I want to become male or (Transgender male[FTM]) there are a few things that I would like to make clear now:
1. I still like boys!
2. I am serious about this!
3. I have not gone through any medical treatment yet!
4. I still identify as a girl in real life!
Now that you know this, I will start adding a post maybe every week about me and my life. I STILL DON'T KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS STUFF!!! If you have any questions or anything you would like to say please send me a message ^.^

Yaoi Lover!

I've been watching/reading alot more yaoi manga/anime lately! ^_^ I've been trying to find more anime though... My computer is a school issued one, so I cant go to some sites. Anyone know of a good one where I can find yaoi anime???

I've noticed that I like manga like Junjou Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (I'm trying to find out the real name [Sekai Ichi or Sekaiichi]) I really like that Mangaka! I've read all of their works. ^_^

Sorry that i've been posting depressing stuff like how I don't know about the whole trans stuff. :P I'm jist going to try being less girly and dressing more like a male.

I still can't reply to comments... :(


I recently found out that my best (female) friend is into gay guys like me! So I recomended that she read Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. She texted me that she had started reading it and at that time I was reading it so I asked her how far she was into it and she was on the same chapter and same page as me and it was at a sex scene! For some reason I felt awkward that someone other than me is reading stuff like this... Lol :P

What do I like?

I just got done reading a manga where a girl and a guy were having sex... I skipped over the whole part. I never do that for any yaoi manga... In most manga that I read, the guy and the girl love eachother, but they never show the sex, so I read one where it was shown and I hated it...


I really don't know anymore... I never think about being a man but I always think that I naver want to have sex with a man because of my girl's body but I still want to do it... I really just don't know anymore...


What do you think is means if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, he/she is the frist lover that you've thought of constantly, you feel embarrassed when other people want to see you two hug or kiss, but when you two do "stuff(make-out or you be toutched in a sensative area)", you don't feel any reaction in your body. It really makes you think that you might not love him/her, but you really truely don't want to break up.