Hello, i'm Alex. I am a girl but I want to become male or (Transgender male[FTM]) there are a few things that I would like to make clear now:
1. I still like boys!
2. I am serious about this!
3. I have not gone through any medical treatment yet!
4. I still identify as a girl in real life!
Now that you know this, I will start adding a post maybe every week about me and my life. I STILL DON'T KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS STUFF!!! If you have any questions or anything you would like to say please send me a message ^.^


So... There is a guy that I have a class with and I think I might like him!

His name is John! Hes REALLY tall, REALLY Skinny, dark hair... Completely my type!!! XD ;D

He likes the same kind of music as me! He loves anime! He is a brony though, I'm just kinda a mild one.

I gave him a present for christmas, but he didn't want it cause he didn't get me anything. T^T I kept pushing it on him cause I really wanted him to have it (it was a Deadmau5 bracelet). He opened it most of the way then put it in his hoodie pocket. We went to go make copies of a test (along with another one of our friends[Brittany]) and when we were going back to the classroom, Brittany Pulled up John's hoodie sleve to show me that he had put the bractlet on!!! I REALLY wanted to hug him then, but I didn't want to embarace him... TT^TT

Love like a Manga

I wish that love was as easy as it is most times in manga...

You love your childhood friend, but you don't want them to know. You accidentally say something wrong and they get mad. You talk with a friend os a coworker and they say to say sorry. You go tell the childhood friend sorry and leave and start to cry. the childhood friend comes after you, they tell you that they have always loved you, and you live happily ever after...

Or Someone comes up to you and say that they fell in love with you at first sight, but you don't know what to think and brush them off. They keep bugging you and keep hanging around you, untill you snap and tell them to go away. They leave. You then realize that you can't stop thinking about them and every time you do think about them your heart starts pounding. You go looking for them, find them and tell them that you really do love them. And you live happily ever after...

I just wish that it would be so easy to find the right kind of love...

Funny way to find manga :P

Isn't it funny when theres a manga that you read a long time ago, but you don't remember the mangaka or the title, but then you stumble upon one that looks similar to the style of the first manga, so you search the mangaka, look through a long list of their manga and look at the images... TA DAH!!! You just found the one that you've been looking for!!!

That just happened to me :P It was Ryoshuu Reijin on mangarush.com!!! I feel kinda sick that I liked this one... :/


I've been watching Hakuouki lately... I have no clut what the hell is going on!!! Did Hijikata die??? Why doesn't Chizuru understand that she is a helpless little girt surrounded by hot guys??? I don't even know what the first Hakuouki is or what the order they are in!!! Is it, Hakuouki? Or Hakuouki: Hekketsu-Roku? Or Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan? Or Hakuouki Sekkaroku? I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!!

Music, Beads & Love!

Lately i've been listening to more music! (thats very common for me) I've been liking Foster The People today, but I love stuff like Skrillex and Deadmau5. I love Techno!!! I also like bands like Chevelle, Evanescence and Red.

I've also been inot making beaded bracelets and stuff. I think that I might be getting good at it! XD :3

I don't know why i'm posting this... I guess more insight into me. :D

OK! You remember my post called "Lovers"? Well we broke up... He made me feel like all that he cared about was my body and not me... When we broke up, he didn't seem sad because he went straight to flirting with other girls. I'm very ok though, once we started going out, I really felt like I didn't like him and I don't miss him now! XD :D