Hi everyone! I'm Hime :D *you should already know that from the main world* If you don't know already, I'm a very good RPer *SHOT*...fine. I'm an AWESOME RPer *SHOT THREE TIMES*. OUCH. -_-; What I mean is I know certain things and/ or "quirks" that go with RPing (cannon characters) and certain criteria that I know certain RPs look for. I'll fill this world with tips and maybe I'll share my experience playing certain characters!

I'm always open to other experienced actors/actresses sharing their opinions, so just ask and I'll decide whether or not to add you! <3

Besides that, I'm also going to review a few anime/manga (i.e., you may see sometimes that I leave a note that says "The manga is better than the anime" and vice versa concerning certain series that I've read). Keep in mind that they are simply my opinions, even though I am a pretty HARSH good critic, according to my friends.

Here are some shortcuts to certain posts!
Deciding who to RP as
How important is a character's background?
Do my English/basic writing skills REALLY count?
Staying in Character/OOC moments

How to Play.... Posts

How to Play Jiraiya (Naruto)
How to Play Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)
How to Play Sakura Haruno(Naruto)/Time Skip Characters in general

Want to share your opinion and give your own tips? Tell me and I'll add you! Want certain tips on a certain character? ASK ME! I'll try my best to give you tips from my own experience or ask someone who DOES have experience with that character!

Enjoy! I hope you find this beneficiary!



Okay, only really good RPers seem to get this.

When you play a certain character- no matter who they are, they need LIFE.

Yes, I understand. Your interpretation of the character may end up boring you or other people.

But why?

Aren't you, out of character, a pretty awesome person? You're pretty entertaining in person, huh?

Why don't you pour some of that into your character?

It's called...



If you're too rigid with your character or so OBSESSED with staying in character, you will most likely end up reacting to something differently than the way the character might ACTUALLY react to it. In other words; think too much and POOF.



You MUST enjoy your role to be a good RPer. Haven't you ever heard that "If you hate your job, you probably aren't any good at it"?

Let some of you flow into your character. It gives them LIFE! It makes it entertaining both to you, your role (DON'T MAKE ME GO OVER IT AGAIN) and those RPing with you!

If you're playing an "emo" or "dark"/mean/moody character, you can have a LOT of fun with that. 8D If you're a meanie, when faced with certain situations that you think your character may not do (but may/could do something)...at the same time...think. WhAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE HIM/HER?

Recently, my Sasuke RPer did something that cracked most of the people on my board up. Suigetsu was wearing a GIANT black coat. It's wintertime. He's like...COMPLETELY MADE OF WATER. So the RPer for Sui-kun gave him a "The Christmas Story" jacket, complete with arms that don't go down even when you push. I wouldn't put that past Suigetsu in character. <3

So Sasuke took advantage and subtly pushed/shoved/elbowed/bumped into him so that Suigetsu falls and starts...rolling...then he acted like nothing happened.




FRANKLY, SUIGETSU PISSES HIM OFF SOMETIMES! XD He could have chosen to say something insulting instead, but pushing him still counted as IN CHARACTER and it was FREAKING HILARIOUS XD

What you do depends on YOU! If you can still hear that voice, you're probably still in character. Of course, if you don't know HOW to do this, wait until you're more comfortable with your character and wait for the situation to come up. The answer will come to you.

*This may also be a little advanced! Be warned!*