Hi everyone! I'm Hime :D *you should already know that from the main world* If you don't know already, I'm a very good RPer *SHOT*...fine. I'm an AWESOME RPer *SHOT THREE TIMES*. OUCH. -_-; What I mean is I know certain things and/ or "quirks" that go with RPing (cannon characters) and certain criteria that I know certain RPs look for. I'll fill this world with tips and maybe I'll share my experience playing certain characters!

I'm always open to other experienced actors/actresses sharing their opinions, so just ask and I'll decide whether or not to add you! <3

Besides that, I'm also going to review a few anime/manga (i.e., you may see sometimes that I leave a note that says "The manga is better than the anime" and vice versa concerning certain series that I've read). Keep in mind that they are simply my opinions, even though I am a pretty HARSH good critic, according to my friends.

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How to Play Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)
How to Play Sakura Haruno(Naruto)/Time Skip Characters in general

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How to Play Suzaku Kururugi

*Note: These are simply suggestions and pointers from how I played him. The RPer/Actor has their own interpretation or any and all characters in these "How To Play ___" posts.*

Suzaku Kururugi belongs to the anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" and "Code Geass: R2", and to the author.


Ahh, Suzu-kun. This is a somewhat difficult character to play, mostly because he has many "ifs" "ands" or "buts". Though on the one hand Suzaku is a high school student with the best manners (because of his lineage as the prime ministers' son), he is also a Knight of Seven, the Lancelot Pilot, and later, Zero and the Knight of Zero. He wears many masks, and he is also very passionate at times, not to mention being "cursed" with the "will to live" from the order Lelouch gave him, though one of the parts of knowing his character is being able to understand that it is seldom seen after Lelouch "dies". (In theory, he may not have.)

The way I played Suzaku was how a person should probably play any proper gentleman, but you must remember, Suzaku is a high school student and he is often flustered by certain things, but overall loves to have fun. Lelouch is the serious friend. Suzaku is almost the "Naruto" to Lelouch's "Sasuke". (Pardon the Naruto reference) When interacting with Lelouch, Suzaku is more friendly and less formal- at least, while no one else is around. Suzaku can be incredibly serious and somewhat scary, to the point where you forget that he is technically a "high school student". Keep that in mind.

In the end, I ended up giving Suzaku a "cute" sort of vibe when he was friendly, and it suited him just fine as long as I didn't make him TOO cute. DX However, keep in mind that when Suzaku is being "Gentlemanly" he doesn't use suffixes; he has accepted the Brittanian rule, so he uses "Miss ____" or "Mr ___" or "Sir" instead, especially when talking to higher ranked officers.

Remember that Suzaku also pilots a Knightmare, especially that Knightmare's name, Lancelot!

Things you should know:

-Suzaku's past with Lelouch
-Suzaku's *late* Love interest
-Interactions with certain characters (i.e., Nunnally, Lelouch, Kallen, etc.)
-What weapons Suzaku uses
-Suzaku's special abilities (especially if you wish to fight when playing him)
-Suzaku's relationship with his *deceased* father, the last Prime Minister of Japan.
-Suzaku's pet, Arthur


Hope that helped!

Suzaku: *bows* Thank you for having me. ^^
Hime:...he's so adorable >~< *GLOMP*
Suzaku: @_@ M-Miss Hime! Please don't do that! ^^;;;;;;
XD I love Suzaku.