This is just a world for me to express my feelings so, yep. You'll be reading poems and other stuff.

Forgive me

I love this song!

Feeling so lonely

you say you are not lonely,
yet they tease you,
you hide the tears behind your smile to show what,
your okay?
you shouldn't do such silly thing,
I could see you feel lonely,
you hide yourself behind dark close for no one to see you,
i notice you,
so tell me why are you feeling so lonely?


when you cry you aren't happy or excited,
unless you have been through better days than I have,
you feel empty,
or a feeling of sorrow,
so when you cry do you have to be in pain,
or do you have to feel good,
what is it,
do you get so threatened sometimes that you can't express yourself?

Well, another poem. . .and no this is not a gothic poem( or emo).

By my side

I wish you are with me,
were I lay on my bed motionless my tears still flowing down my cheeks,
were are you,
at home sleeping,
I'm now in a coma,
you stay beside me not moving away from me,
my heartbeat slowing as an hour passes,
than the doctors tell him to go,
he leaves,
I wake up,
were are you now,
you run back in the room,
squeezing my arm,
we're sharing tears of joy.

TT^TT I'm so sad today, I have to clean my house and I have to do other horrible stuff!! I hope you like this poem I made in class.

What is Pain exactlly?

nobody told me what pain is,
is it just a word a person or monster would use,
there own word to be noticed,
or is it the dividing part of your heart,
it doesn't seem like that,
people use it to get attention,
to be noticed,
I feel pain as my friends say things like an opening of a world of chaos,
they say I'm the chaos and destruction,
I see pain that inflicts my body but not other people,
we say "I had tons of pain the other day because. . ." as if it is just an opening of a boring story that you don't know how to say,
so. . . what is pain?