Like the title whatever will be on here and probably some random stuff or other things cause shaymingirl likes to be weird.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy valentines day everyone! I was going to make a special treat for my friends at school but we didnt have school sadly. Anyways i hope you have a great valentines day with the ones you love.

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Umm Random

I've been waking up early lately weird. Well anyways i've been addicted to kpop and kdramas recently and i cant stop watching coffee prince its so good oh and i cant get enough of boys over flowers either. Anyways i still need to beat dream drop distance ill get it doing that one of these days and i need to get more manga to read while im on my trip to boston. Also i'll leave you with this.


Well I wont be able to make it to ze con *sits in emo corner*. Want to go so bad cause I get to be with my friends and possibly make new ones. Also I got the chance to host an exchange student but my mom said we cant host one...darn I was looking forward on making a new friend but hey you cant go against your mom or scary things will happen. Well my cousins are leaving tomorrow and I dont want them to go they're awesome (not as awesome as prussia but still pretty awesone) and they gave me hugs.

Are we there yet

Yea its nine at night and we havent made it back home yet we have been driving for two hours and we arent even close to home. I wonder how we'll be driving and my phone is almost dead.

Umm con?

Well my friends are getting costumes for a con on some random date that I don't know. I want to go but I might be in boston so yea that would be no fun but if I can go and if im not in boston I would probably go as Tao/Toby from harvest moon animal parade. Even if I cant go ill get it anyways so I can have a costume for next year. Hey Larxy and Nami if your readin this I will try my best to be with you at this con.