My life, my friend, my world MUHAHHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHHAAHH ok ya I'm just being weird. -_- anyways I'm Jet if ya didn't know. Welcome to my world of random stuff I put oh here...........

Heck Yes I can Drink

.... Legally.

Ya, Soji demanded I put something up here, since I haven't been on forever. <_<; It's spring break here, and also my birthday =p so happy birthday to me.



Meh yes I am alive. I've just been working and going to college which has tucked all my time up and thrown it out the window. Sorry I haven't been around or whatever. Just know I am looking in every once in a while.


Oh Good Grief

T_T ok I'm going to make this brief. I am sick of drama. END OF STORY. I don't want to hear it from those who know about it, but if you're reading this Chris at least talk to me about this. -_-

Take A Bow Genius

So over the last few weeks, college has finally began to pick up, and damn I'm busy. Work is work and stuff to do and what not. I managed to lose my car on the third story of a parking garage, but what's even more stupid is that I was with like 3 people that needed a ride so we were all walkin' around. Some girl in the parking lot thought we were stalkers or somethin' she kept tightening her grip on her bag and trying not to look at us.

I have to get to work in an hour, so Chris if ya need anything just give me a shout k? =P or get one of your friends to help ya out. Jeeze what am I Dr. Phil of the family? =P Anyways, just decided to give a shout out to the pplz. Laterz-

aka King Dwarfuenburg (don't ask)

Guess who's back?

=P well I'm back. Go figure the trip was shorter than expected thangs to some damn awesome driving on Sal's part. Well I'm back at the dorm, so I'm gonna be coming home soon. So what's up guys?