About Me!

Name:call me Hikaru (it's what my friends call me,and i've grown quite fond of it.)
Hair color:A golden blonde with lighter blonde streaks and a wide streak of fuscia
Use to be:Ash brown, back to natural-Brunette with a goldish tint - Dark blonde - Ash brown - Dark brown,pink & puple streaks
Eye color:green hazel(blue at times)
Height:5'6 ½ "
Age: 16
Blood type:O+
Astrological sign:Virgo
Element: Earth
Personality:(i tell you after i ask someone)
Birthday:September 8th
Favorite Anime/ Manga:Ouran High School Host Club,Prince of Tennis,Naruto,Switch,Loveless,and Rozen Maiden.
Obsessed with: Ouran High School Host Club, Kingdom Hearts,Harry Potter, AAA, Hey! Say! Jump!, and various others I can't think of at the moment!~
Favorite time of day:twilight

~Hope to know all who take the time to read this,

Incase you can't tell, I absolutely love Ouran High School Host Club. My favorite characte being Kaoru, with Hikaru in close second. Personally, I'm far too much like Hikaru that's not all bad though. He's still an amazing person, all that manly magnaimity!!! Yesh!!! If anyone wants to talk to me about Ouran or anything else they see here for that matter, I'm open for a good conversation! :)))

draco again

draco malfoy XD


So here we are. You're bored. You're here reading this post. And you're beginning to wonder why I've posted this.... Well, here I am with all your answers! This post is honor of One Direction! Here, in America, these extremely talented boys are sadly unknown for the most part. So I'm going to raise awareness! ^^

One Direction finished 3rd on The X-Factor, which is equivalent to American Idol. They first album Up All Night was released November 21st of 2011. It was received wonderfully , peaking #2 on the UK Album Charts. They will be guest stars on Nickelodeon’s iCarly in the spring of 2012.

Kiriyama and Junta

Akito Kiriyama