The Mischief of Haruhi Suzumiya (Poem)

I still remember
That one day
A girl stood up
Blew me away

She claimed she loved
The oddest things
She said she knew
What waiting brings

She lost her mind
And gave up fast
And now I'm stuck
Inside her grasp

She made a club
Oh what a pain
I swear she lives
To drive me insane

A facepalm and
A crazy "AHHH"
Oh damn it's that

Yuki, Itsuki
I'm forced to be
With her dumb crew

She's a God?
Give me a break!
So what is real?
And what is fake?!

I just want out!
Is that too much?
I've had it now!
Enough's ENOUGH!

From outer space
To desert sand
Her mischief is
Way out of hand

What happened to
My normal life?
My dreams and hopes
Now clouds of strife

Oh please dear Lord
Save me from this
Try to endure
And bare my fist

Perhaps I will
Manage to last
Haruhi I'll
Give you a chance

I've come to like
This strange brigade
I pray it won't
Go fade away