Onigiri, onigiri, onigiri all the time!~

In fashions class I decided to make a pillow. BUT, this isn't just an ordinary pillow my friends...

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Yes, it is an onigiri pillow! And I've decided to teach you how to make your very own!

Materials Needed:
• White Fabric, Black Fabric, Pink Fabric *optional*, any other solid color fabric (Try to get the softer kinds)
• Fabric Glue
• Sewing Machine OR Sewing Needle
• White Thread (and bobbin, if you are using a sewing machine)
• Something to stuff the pillow (ex. polyester fill)
• Sewing Pins *optional*
• Scissors
• Pencil, Pen, or Marker

What To Do:
1. Fold your white fabric so that the good sides are together. Draw and cut out the onigiri shape. If you can, make sure to pin it so that the two pieces are even.

2. Now, using the black fabric, draw out some eyes (however you would like) and cut them out. You can use black for the mouth, or pink. Whichever you prefer. Take the good sides of the fabric and choose one to be the face. Glue the eyes and mouth onto the fabric. Remember, when you glue the expression on to use the side that will be facing on the outside!

3. Once you are finished pasting the expression on the front, move to the other piece of fabric. On the good side, glue a square of any colored solid fabric. This is the umeboshi.

4. Place the two good sides together (so that the umeboshi and front are facing eachother). You can now begin to sew your onigiri together. I used a sewing machine for mine, and because I didn't keep the stitch very even it ended up a little bumpy around the edges. To avoid that, sew by hand if you aren't good at keeping the stitches straight and even. Also, remember to leave a spot to stuff your onigiri! (so at least 3-5 fingers can fit inside, depending on the size of your pillow)

5. You're almost done! Stuff your onigiri to your liking, and use an inside-outside stitch to sew the final hole.
*NOTE: Avoid using materials like old fabric to stuff your pillows (another reason why mine is bumpy). It makes it harder and not as round, and can cause an unusually strange looking onigiri.

And you're done! Those were the five simple steps to making an onigiri plushie! Experiment with it and show your friends! Once you're good, try to add things like cute ears and tails, or personalize it by stitching your name on it!

Good luck! :3