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Blame the Economy!

Alright, so everyone I'm sure knows about how much of a pickle the world's economy is in right? And I'm sure that everyone has some problems that are not related to the economy, and want them solved right?

I've come up with the most simple solution to ALL those problems.

Blame the economy! After all, we blame the economy on everything else don't we? We use it as an excuse not to spend money (and that my friends is called a recession, which just makes the economy WORST), and now we can use it as an excuse for everything else.

For example, "Your new shirt is wrecked? I blame the economy!" or "I can't even find this post in your world, ChibiSasuke! I blame the economy!"

After a while I think it might just catch on. I mean, we already have a list of stupid excuses we can use, why not add one more? It can be valid in most cases.

In the end, the economy is what makes our world go CRASH BOOM. So go ahead! Say it aloud! (Most) people will understand what you're getting at!

Make sure the next time your teacher asks why you haven't finished your homework assignment that was due 3 weeks ago, you blame the economy.