Hey everyone! This is RizelmineRedWolf [you can call me Rizzy]. I've been on theotaku for almost two years now and I've gained many friends. I created this world to make even more friends and to express myself freely.

I'm usually the "different" person in the room. I don't really have a stereotypes to me, except for that and maybe crazy [in a loose sense, though, I might add].
I'm a very caring and empathetic person and will always be there to listen to your problems.

I love alternative music, anime, and drawings. I also love to write stories. I love my friends to death and I thank them for always trying to be there for me!

I hope to make this into a group site that people can share their creative talents on. the words we are the monsters means more than one person! so, please, send your poetry, stories, etc. to me or guest post them so people can see you guys as artists and such!


Umm... It seems like there is nothing to post on here.... Nothing i can think of anyways.... Hopefully I'll have something soon...



holy cow!!! i figured out how to work this darned thing!!!


Poem by Toumoku

this is the first poem to post! i wanted to toumoku to post it, but the guest posting isn't working very well. so, for now, i'll post the poems up. she wanted me to name it, so i'll name it [not very creative a title, though XD.]

Endless Spirals

Endless spirals,
Always thinking,
Tumbling in thoughts,
I'm lost in this crazy world,
Left to wonder,
What else can go wrong now?
I can't just give up now can I?
Can I possibly do anything?
Change something?
Influence someone?
Prehaps not.
But I'm determined.
To sift through the dirt,
In this crazy world,
To stop tripping,
On my thoughts,
Twindling spirals,
Becoming a whole circle again.
That's Life for you...


okays, like i said in my intro, i want to make this into a group site things for creative interests and such. if you wish to, please comment on this post!

Confusing and Crazy!

hey guys. i made this world thingy! i'm not fully sure on how it works, but i'll understand it! my layout is atreyu right now. if any of you guys understand it and know how to get rid of the theme, please tell me!