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HEY HEY EVERYONE after a long time of hard work some friends of mine had finally posted up a sight thats new and seriously different from most generic game companies. its called redev. thier goal is to make games like they havent been made before. and whats more is they actually have the insight to do so! thier slogan "we know gamers becuase we are gamers" is true to the word as i have personally gammed with each of them made teams in diff games ans such and even occassionally hang out with them. so this site JUST got posted up and readied tonight heres the link:

just follow that and take a look around. though keep in mind theres still some room for things to be added but thats onlyb ecuase its still fresh and new. stick with us and you soon get a taste of what its like when a gamer is behind the wheel of the productivity. becuase no one appreciates the gamers mind and spirit more than them.