WELCOME ALL to The Way Of Ninja Here you might find yourself confused... Because I don't make much sense at all, so yeah. Basically this is the way I roll, I post here, I put weird and random stuff here. Feel free to brows around and make yourself comfortable.

I love this song! It's Gackt back in Malice Mizer with Kami. Song is called, Regret. *SSSSQQQUUUEEEEELLLLLL*

Way OF Ninja!

I had to add something to my My Way Of Ninja, so I added this! GO NINJA!!

Vampire Gothic stuff.

I wasn't sure exactly what to call it, so I called it a feature... It's a AMV that I like that's got like, anime/vampire/dark/woogiewooga goodness. So yeah. Enjoy!

Just a little something.

Well, I finally got this stupid world thing to work! lol! Well, so I decided that I would say a few things about me... I love gothic lolita stuff! Like the stuff Mana wears.

I also love japanese music and such. Which is awesome ya know. I also draw anime stuff, I mostly just keep it all in pencil because it looks best that way to me. I like, never color my stuff at all. I'm a nerd that way. So yeah. I'm also a rabid spongebob fan... I know, I'm weird. I have tons of stuff in spongebob! Like sheets, pillow sheets, pillows, pajama's, shirts, socks, the list goes on and on.

I don't have much manga, but I do enjoy reading it. I have a series called Godchild that I just love! It's in Gothic Lolita Style, so it's awesome! It's also very very sad. Well, I'll be putting more and more stuff as time goes by. Stay tuned!