Tanatos's Sadness

Tanatos is sit down in the chair of a king, he is the king of an empty kingdom. This place is just for him but he can't touch it. It seems like if he was a prisioner of the world that he has created.

It was a long time ago, when the love in his heart was great for every creature in his kingdom. In that time this place was crowded of people that took care of their king and everything was so beautiful.

But deep in the king's mind there was a big concern, sometimes he saw their friends injured by their own thoughts and feelings. Their actions weren't the right ones as the king belived. So it happened that this concern about others people's well-being became in a strange feeling.

Slowly the king changed and also his thoughts. As he was worried the actions of his hands hurted the things that he loved. With the time he wanted to destroy the freedom which people used to hurt themselves with. As the time passed he got a death touch, every people or things that he holded in his hands died and the more he loved those things, the worse and painful was the death he gave.

After only a few years the place was a desert, desolated by the king's Ambition it's the most wonderful place in a distant land, not because of its beaty but for its loneliness.

Centuries have passed but the king is still there in that chair waiting for a new chance, waiting for an opportunity to rewrite the history or just to find forgiveness for his misguided love. However, He has learned an important lesson: Freedom is the language that Love speaks.