Hi every body I'm Reyk but i'd like you to call me Raven. This is a place to speak your mind about what you think of life as a story... I know that most of us have experienced many amazing things . I know that everyone has a story to tell which is not beautiful at all. But i Know as well that we are who write these stories.

Anime is great but there's nothing better than life itself. Let's create our own story. This world is for that. Tell us your story, tell us your dream , you're the main character!!!!!! Actually you don't need to tell you're whole life and nothing likely it's just a litle fragment of the things that you've expienced. More than that, reinvent your life. Give attention in what you'd like people to see. We are your audience. Give us a great show.

Imagine that you can do everything you want. Free yourself!!!!!!

Tanatos's Sadness

Tanatos is sit down in the chair of a king, he is the king of an empty kingdom. This place is just for him but he can't touch it. It seems like if he was a prisioner of the world that he has created. It was a long time ago, when the love i...

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They Call Me Danna...Sasori no Danna...

By "they" I actually mean Daku, my boyfriend. Well, I guess I should start with an introduction. Raven asked me to be a guest poster on this world and to tell about my life, in story form. So, here I go! My name is Excel. I also go by S...

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