The greatest mother....

I heard the bad news from my friendss......he said to me that;

"My friends, please keep a close relationship and never ever let a slight gap be in between you and your parents..

Trust me, you will not be happy after gone thru what i've been thru.. Forget what others think or say.. Ignore anyone that upsets you; Just be in touch with your parents..

Now i got no mother.. No one can replace her. Even when my aunties says that they will be around if i need a mother's love but its ain't the same. My mother is gone forever.. I broke my promise to always be with her when she had stroke.

I can't apologies to her now except at her grave. You know what, i can't even cry on the day of her funeral. I just can't cry.!! I am so sad inside but there are no tears from my eye.. Do you know how that hurts me when i can't cry even for my own mother.. Its like the God has turned my heart so stift that i can't feel anything. "A true man will not cry" but its my own mother!!! She cried when giving birth to me. She cried when she beat the hell of me when i was naughty..!! She cried when i left the house for a ridiculous argument..!! She cried when i said that i hate her..!! and she cried when i wasn't there beside her when she was dying..!!! Please tell me Why can't i cry???

She never done anything wrong in her life... I'll pray for her everyday.. thats the only thing that i could for her from now on..."

I heard the news with water in my eyes....i hope he's okay.... and would not regret what he had done.... life still goes on....he must keep a good man that can make his mother proud even she had left him......