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PokeMon Go Memes

Anyone alive here anymore? *crickets*

Anyway, share your favorite PokeMon Go memes in the comments below!

What would happen if...

I don't know...

Silence Fell

I saw no tally marks, but I knew I was supposed to post this yesterday, but somehow was unable to...

What about you? Saw anything extra ordinary you might have "forgotten"

How was your April 23rd?

Just in case, check for tally marks.

Be Careful when dealing with Doraemon


Weeks ago, this would have just been an ordinary theme for a WWE pro-wrestler with a really silly ballroom dancer gimmick that people would have forgotten:

But then, WWE RAW aired this week, and the crowd went crazy. And I mean REALLY CRAZY!

Seriously, it's as if it has given birth to a new legend, or at least a WWE version of Rick Roll.