Welcome to my pond! Here, you will read about some of the most boringest stories you will ever hear about my life. So hop on in, into my lilipad pond, and join me on an adventure through the life of ME!

A Burnt Cookie

A lot happened today. I just started using CRT and now... MY EYES HURT!!! Heh. Since my eyesight is really bad. -7.00 CRT is my only option left. I als...

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Anime Jr.

Its so hot! By our little pond are many little critters. Today, I found a little guy in my garage. OuO I named him Anime Jr. after my own pet praying mantis, Anime s...

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So I'm back!
Unfortunaly, I was unable to make it to finals, but at least I can continue to make artwork here on theO!

Hmmmmm... *Click

So, just gonna say cya!
I wont be posting for the next three days due to the NHD state competition. So wish me luck!

I would like to present a few jokes I created myself...
Answer them all correctly and recieve a gift! ^^ (You may get the gift after I come back.)

1. What is in the box?

2. What has eyes, but can't see.
(Hint: It is not a letter or a word. It isn't a blink animal. It is alive. Sometime.)

3. How do u smile?

Have a nice week guys! ^^
Comment "hi" for an ecard or iphone walli. >.<

External Image

I DARE u to NOT click this..

So I wonder if u want to know how I look like... Well... since I am under 18, I will use anime pictures to describe how I look like. The rest is up to ur imagination... Here are some key points: Age: 13 Hair color: dark ...

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