Wazzup? geeking out to waste of time? I thought so, well this is the place to do it, if you wanna guest post pm, comment, wave your arms frantically, do whatever and ill get back to you asap.

post can be as random as you want as long as you read waste of time.


Did you know there are LoZ manga out? They came out in November of last year but I haven't seen any....

Be warned: there's lots of artistic interpretation. I read the Ocarina of Time series and there's a lot of things that are very different from the game. But the art is nice!


umm is anyone else having some probs with using youtube vids on the world sites? ive done it in the past so i know im doing it right: youtube adress () in the uplaod vidoe box then one of these " " somewhere in the text, well for some reason its not working for me right now. not sure how to raise a flag about this..... so yeah any idaes or comments are welcome.

plus i drew this kinda cool pic of linebeck from phantom hourglass:

hes kinda creepy even in chibi lol

if this vid starts working then assume i a) figuered out the prob or B) site fixed it thanx :)

New Link

bwah bet the title scare you? nope no changes in the comic but heres a link to the newgrounds page where you can watch a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better version of the music vid:


enjoy highly recomend this one

WOOT! Music Vid!

OMG! finally finished the flash! so geeking out about it too, well without further a do

if the vid doesn't show up, heres a link


fav scenes gotta be the punk rock zora, but then again i do love the scene with sheik being all cool as usual

ill see what i can do about geting a higher quality version on newgrounds

Fan Stuff

Haven't been here in a while. I've done another fan art for WoT so I hope you'll go look at it.

Gamer's Sheik design also makes an appearance in a comic I just put up called "Undeserving" if any of you are interested. The design isn't in the other one but I would appreciate you looking at "Punishment" as well. Hope you all like.