Welcome to the world of Amanda! This world is mostly Bleach based, and with Amanda, Grimmjow, and several other Bleach characters. I must warn you, however, disgracing the people will result in sudden and violent death. I hope that you will have a fun time, despite this. *Sees Grimmjow going to blow up a house* (Me:No, don't do that!) (Amanda:*Laughs like mad.*)


As my friends know, I'm random. But most people don't do anything when I do something like that. To my friend Grimmy, I love more than I would my family. I know that you are a true friend and that's one of the reasons I dedicated a world to you. If I was to list any more, there would be no end. No matter what, Grimmy, no one or anything can come in between my love for you.