Welcome to the world of Amanda! This world is mostly Bleach based, and with Amanda, Grimmjow, and several other Bleach characters. I must warn you, however, disgracing the people will result in sudden and violent death. I hope that you will have a fun time, despite this. *Sees Grimmjow going to blow up a house* (Me:No, don't do that!) (Amanda:*Laughs like mad.*)

Happy New Year's!

On the day of the month when all is quiet, these four aren't. Of course, Grimmjow and Ulquiorra weren't arguing as much. They were going to try to be nice for Amanda and Jasmin. Maybe. Heading down the hall, Grimmjow saw Jasmin giving Amanda a hug...

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Grimmjow and Ulquiorra Unite!

They come in the middle of the night, knowing that no one will see them. They head to the house, intent on scaring the two in there. They had just finished watching two of the most scariest movie known to man, The Sixth Sense and The Exorcist. Cre...

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As my friends know, I'm random. But most people don't do anything when I do something like that. To my friend Grimmy, I love more than I would my family. I know that you are a true friend and that's one of the reasons I dedicated a world to you. If I was to list any more, there would be no end. No matter what, Grimmy, no one or anything can come in between my love for you.