Welcome to the forest, young ones. All cats live here, except kittypets, loners, and rogues like you. If you wish to live in the forest nearest to the river, be careful. IceClan will kill you if you set a whisker over thier boarders. If you choose to live near those rosebushes, RoseClan will be on your tail in no time. If you live way over there, on those rocks, AmberClan will hunt you down. And behind me, in those brambles, are where ScarletClan lie hidden from all other Clans.

Welcome to the forest, and enjoy your adventure.


Name: Cottonfrost
Age (moons): 12
Gender: Female
Clan Cat (if so, put which Clan & rank), Rogue, Loner?: Clan; AmberClan; Medicine cat
Personality: Modest and endearing. Loves to help out when she can, especially if others are sick or injured. Being a medicine cat, she helps out no matter what. She has a younger brother named Barkpaw. Her mother died of an illness when she was 3 moons old. That’s why she wanted to be a medicine cat, to make sure no other cats die. Her father is Smolderclaw, one of the toughest cats in the clan.
Cottonfrost is easy to get along with, doesn’t really have a temper and is always caring.
Looks: She has black spots, black tipped tail, mostly white fur and blue eyes. Kind of small, but has a big heart.


Shy and worryful, but strong. Many kits, especially in Newleaf and Greenleaf. They live in the brambles of rose bushes so no cat will find them. Reply in the comments to Role Play.


Defensive and strong. Will take in dying cats, and ONLY dying cats, and make them leave when they are healed. Reply in the comments to Role Play.


Cruel and high-tempered. Be careful around them. Reply in the comments to Role Play.


Loyal and truthful. Nothing is more important to (most) of them than the warrior code. Reply in the comments to Role Play.