Naruto and Inuyasha Newsboys Drama

Pt.2 Scene three The make up Song
Kakashi, Inuyasha, and Iruka agree to help Miroku win Sango's heart back. They make up a dance routine along with the song. And he wins her heart.

Scene Four The Tea Move

Naruto goes over Hinata's house to give her a birthday present and Hinata decides that this was her chance to make her move.

Naruto: Hey Hinata!! I just tcame to say happy birthday!! I got you something too!!(he handed her the gift)
Hinata: Um... Thanks.
Naruto: No problem!
Hinata: Um... some tea.
Naruto: Sure!! Thanks.
Hinata: Ramen.

A light shines in the room and and a chior sings a heavenly chorus.

Naruto: Ramen? I would Love some Ramen (British accent). Yes, please, my dear lady.
Hinata: (He called me dear lady, I should treat him with Ramen more often.)

After the ramen and tea Naruto leaves but he says something first.

Naruto: Happy birthday again Hinata!! And thanks for the ramen we shoiuld hang out more often.
Hinata: Naruto.