Naruto and Inuyasha Newsboys Drama

Naruto and Inuyasha News boys Drama pt1.

SCENE ONE: Pain through a game (intro: Under they sky rye star remix)

Inuyasha: Hey Kakashi, you know were not going to be filming for a while so what do you want to do?

Kakashi: Read my precious new book.

Inuyasha: You mean those cheesy romance novels?

Kakashi: There not cheesy there intensifying man!! tears

Inuyasha: If you say so.

Inuyasha hears kagome,kikyo, songa, and kagura talking in the background.

Inuyasha: How about I make a little bet with you. We play my video game and If I win, which I pretty much will, I get the girls and your romance novels.

Kakashi: I thought you said they were chessy.

Inuyasha: i just want to see the look on your face when you lose.

Kakashi: And if I win I get to keep my 'cheesy' romance novels, Iget the girls, and I get to sell your sword on ebay.

Sesshomorru is on ebay waiting for the sword. Kakashi wins and gets into a fight with inuyasha over it.

SCENE TWO: Miroku gets plunged

Kagome and Miroku go out to find Inuyasha but instead they find Inuyasha kissing Kikyo. Kagome gets emotional and takes off Inuyasha goes after her and leaves miroku Kikyo alone.

Miroku: I guess it's just us two.

Kikyo gives him a questionable look. Miroku does something to make her hit him. She hits then plunges him with her plung and arrow. Sango saw him and gave him an extra wack. It made him feel really guilty.

TBC... Ending: Give me a Reason By: Utada Hikaru