Welcome To Walt Strippy's! The 6th happiest place on earth!

After closing the land of play, we're happy to announce it's return! Stripperelli and Honey Hole are back! And now, we have new additions to the entertainment! The Claw, Wild Cherry, Catnip, Dragnificence, He makes you Randy, Distinguished Burlesque, and more to come!
So com e by, have a seat, because we're better than Magic Mike in everyway!

Mixed Mesh

The business at Walt Strippy's began to slow down. Master Miss was running out of ideas and options. She needed something permanent to keep the patrons.

Finally she decided to let her whores do the thinking for her. Wild Cherry came up with the idea to sell alcohol. Honey Hole came up with the idea for a bartender. Master Miss was pleased with the sibling duo.

Auditions for a bartender began. Many tried, many failed. Wild Cherry was the tester, and she had very high expectations. She refused to let the costumers. Also if they couldn't fix her grand father's, Distinguished Burlesque, drinks of choice or parents, Dragnificence .... there would be a no go.

In the end two were chosen. A lady named Lollipops and a guy Master Miss named Mesh. Lollipops was named by Dragnificence, the two couldn't help but constantly compare her to the game, Chainsaw lollipop. As for Mesh, he didn't say much, but his drinks were good, and many costumers came in just to see his piercing through his mesh shirt. Master Miss decided the name would assure his attire.

Wild Cherry got along with them. Wild Cherry was Master Miss' bottom bitch, therefore she was in charge to over see the workers, make sure everyone's a fit. If they couldn't get along with her, they wouldn't fit in. Thankfully for the new comers, they weren't on her bad side.

Honest Abs

As soon as he was to work, he was sooner sold. Honest Abs was his chosen name. And his abs were no lie.

It was his last performance that caught the purple haired billionaire's eye. He watched, with Wild Cherry by his side, as the stage lit to a sing top hat. The Audience watched as Honest Abs climbed his way out of the hat and starting his show.

As He performed, he also recited a new version of Honest Abe's speech. "Four score and 12 inches ago~ There was a civil war~ And the south has RISEN!!!!!!!"

It was with that final word that Shelleri made his choice. Honest Abs were the only abs for him.

Before closing, a deal was made between the purple haired billionaire and Master Miss. The purple haired billionaire made his way home with Honest Abs arms linked with him.

Wild Chery, smirked watching the two as she climbed back onto her post. Her beloved Master Miss' armrest to the throne.

Shelleri the Purple Haired Billionaire!

"Call me Shelleri!" The purple haired billionaire said this, as he introduced himself to Master Miss and Wild Cherry. Shelleri the Purple Haired Billion...

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Show Time!!!!!

Without any further interruptions the show had begun it's depute to the public. The distinguished Burlesque a Dragnificence did the walk around with Wild Cherry between the shows. Making sure the potential costumers were well taken care of, and...

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Sleeping Gloryhole

The dancers were preparing still for the show. Honey Hole and The Claw were planning their show stoppers. No one was to disturb them, as they each thought of crowd pleasers that would be sure to hurricane Walt Strippy's.

Wild Cherry had just finished helping the Distinguished Burlesque get ready. he was always the opening act or the closing act and Wild Cherry was his favorite, and only grandbaby. Wild Cherry made her way to Dragnificence's room. She began working on his new drag outfit with his life partner, Pure Delish. Wild cherry was often referred to by the two as their gayby.

Master Miss made her way through the corridors checking on her bitches. Everything was in order and perfect for the night to come. Each stripper working hard to look their best to be tricked out. Master Miss was pleased. She passed through to her favorite's room, Stripperelli. She gently knocked on his door. "Chappy, are you ready to be whored out tonight? It's your turn for the glory hole this evening."

Master Miss grew tired of the absent replies. She called upon her bottom bitch, Wild Cherry. It only took one of her kicks to slam down the door. The two walked up to Stripperelli's bed, pulling back the covers. The he-bitch was asleep! The usual shaking did nothing to wake up the slumbering whore. Wild Cherry even tried to flip the mattress, all trials were lost.

The master pimp and her bottom bitch were out of ideas, all the other workers had tried various wake up remedies. Finally the Honey Hole held up his "fairy tales to get the bitch" book up. "That's it! This is just like sleeping whiskey wank! He just needs true love's bitch slap!!!" Honey Hole's excitement for his favorite fairy tale drove Wild Cherry to ruin his fun. "So you're saying Stripperelli's our own Sleeping Glory Hole? And he gets to be rescued? .... Isn't it sad dear brother? You're always the side bitch, never the true bitch." Wild Cherry smirked at her older brother, as he scoffed and walked away muttering that he would be true bitch some day.

Master Miss looked at everyone, "ok, ya freeloaders, get the hell out, I got a he-bitch to wake up for work!" The workers began to leave the room. Wild Cherry stood by her master. "Will you like to be alone-" Master Miss placed Wild Cherry at the edge of the bed with a camera. "Take a picture of the slack jawed bitch! This is going into the Christmas calendar!"

Wild Cherry took the photo finish as Stripperelli woke in a frightened, twisted, slack jawed stupor. Bewildered and stumbling about he screamed "God damnit woman!!!!" He was struck with a pimp cane and silenced. Master Miss scolded him to get ready for his shift as evening glory hole. She finished as he rushed off to make himself the prettiest glory hole at the ball.

The Show was to begin in an hour, and there was still much to do. With everyone working and awake there would be no problems in set up for the bars, and the shows.