hi! i'm sofia. i like art, music, and...art.

oh yeah, and i love winnie the pooh.

i'm not mexican.

(i'm actually not. i'm russian and syrian.)

1. What are your nickname/s?
sof, mizuki, ummmm at one point i think i was called lilo. haha.

2. Are there any nicknames you wish people called you?
i totally wish that people would call me like, tree. that'd be great to be likened to a tree, wouldn't it? trees are so cool and pretty.

3. If you had to be stuck at one age for the rest of your life, how old would you be?
...21. you're old enough to do everything by that point.

4. What color clothes do you like best?
well, i actually really love brightly colored clothes, but my closet always ends up being full of black and grey.

5. If you had a pet cactus, what would you name him/her?
mr. cactus.

6. Your most-hated movie?
so i know this sounds horrible, but i really really can't stand watching Cinderella. i've seen that movie waywayway too many times. i'm practically traumatized by it.

7. What do you think of 3D movies?
mmmm i'm actually not too fond of them. i always end up getting some kind of smudge on my 3D glasses, so i spend the entire movie trying to get it off.

8. Ever get motion sickness? (car, boat, airplane, elevator, etc)
i used to be immune to car sickness.
then i wasn't anymore.
the end.

9. So, your thoughts on elevators?
elevators are bomb. definitely.

10. Have you ever Role Played?
not actually. i think i was a little scared when i got into a chat room and people started telling me i was the chosen one.

11. What's your favorite public holiday? (Birthdays don't count)
CHRISTMAS. no doubt about it.

12. Best season of the year for you?
spring and fall. the in-betweens.

13. Do you ever want to go to Antarctica?
mmmm not really actually. i want to go to europe when i graduate ^-^

14. Have you ever had to stay in hospital overnight?
neeeevvvveeer. i've been to the hospital like, once.

15. Glasses: attractive, or a turnoff?
attractive. no doubt about it. seriously, most attractive thing in the world is a guy in glasses.

16. What kind of job do you respect the most? (Fire-fighters, doctors, people in the army, etc)
i really respect musicians who have made their own way in the world. not those disney pop freaks who don't do anything.

17. Do you have a favorite flower?
daffodils <3

18. Now for a manly question: do you enjoy driving? (Or think you will when you're able)
CAN'T WAIT. hahaha.

19. What's one thing you never leave home without?
my belleh :P

20. Batman. Sure, he saves lives and has a famous comic and all, but he has as many superpowers as you or I. Do you think he really counts as a superhero?
i think that his air of mystery is as good of a superpower as anything. therefore, yes.

21. If you could become one pokemon, which one would it be?
one of the ones that don't do anything but be cute.

22. Write one thing about yourself you wouldn't tell your parents.
hi mom! hi dad! betcha guys thought you were going to get something real juicy outta me?

23. What do you think of when I say FIRE?

24. What country would you like to visit right now?
France. I've been wanting to go there for a while now.

25. Do you think you'll ever end up in jail at some point in your life?
I sure as heck hope not.

26. Do you have/plan to get any tattoos or piercings?
mhmmmmmm :)
i want a couple actually.

27. How many pets do you have?
one normal dog named luther.
one crazy-arse dog named charlotte (lottie for short). she's my baby, but she's kind of an idiot.

28. What's your thoughts on OCs? (Original characters)
the good ones are fine, but i'm amazed by the number of people who have no imagination WHATSOEVER.

29. If you were in a position of power, what's the first thing you would do?
make abortion illegal forever.
then i would create national tutu day.

30. List three things that attract you (partner-wise):
-hipsters. i hate to say it, but they're so attractive.
-i tend to like dark hair. blondes aren't nearly as attractive to me.
-gotta have a great sense of humor. i like to laugh.

31. Now list three sure-fire turn-offs:
-egos. don't be full of yourself.
-too tight pants. like really, if your pants are tighter than mine, you've got a serious problem and i don't want to be a part of it.
-guys who fight with their parents. you have to be respectful.

32. Do you have any favorite faces to use online?

33. Do you like trampolines?

34. If you saw a shooting star, would you wish on it?
probably not. i'm real lazy.

35. If you had a novel published, what would the title be?
the knitter:
how to hole yourself up in a corner and make no one pay attention to you because you're too busy knitting a freaking blanket for heavens sake.

36. What do you think of photos of yourself?
haha. i'm ugly when other people take pictures of me, but i can actually be somewhat attractive if i take it myself.

37. When was the last time you saw the sun rise?
this morning. it came up. just like every other morning.

38. So, what do you think of memes like this? Any reason in particular you take these?
well, i'm procrastinating with my math essay, so it's a rather helpful timewaster.

39. There's only one female smurf. How do you think they reproduce?
i think this is rather the obvious answer.

40. What's one music group you think everyone should be into at the moment?
christofer drew.
the shins.
james morrison.

41. Take a quick look at your fridge. What's on it right now?
my report card. 4.0 :)

42. Who has it easier: boys, or girls?
boys have it way easier. girls think they're cute no matter what. we have to work so hard for guys, and they end up being pervs anyways.

43. What do you think the meaning of life is?
i think that the meaning of life changes for every person.

44. Which is better: pirates or ninjas?
ninjas be way beastier.

45. If you could change your hair color, what would it be?
platinum blond or really really dark brown.

46. How did your first day at school go? Anything interesting happen?
HA. i cried because i wasn't in dress code.

47. What's the best kind of chocolate?
as dark as it gets.

48. Do you think you'll ever try drugs in your life?
nurp. no way. i've seen it ruin way too many people with their entire lives in front of them.

49. How are you sitting while you type this? Comfortable?
i'm sitting crosslegged...so i'm pretty comfortable.

50. Do you believe in ghosts, or any of the paranormal?

51. What's your favorite insult to call people?
i don't really insult people.

52. Do you have any phobias or fears?
i'm positively terrified of tornadoes.

53. Who's your favorite family member?
mi mama<3

54. How much money's in your wallet right now?
haha. none. i spent the last 50 cents on some juice at school this morning.

55. Mention some of the best memories you've ever had at school?
knitting club with one of my english teachers, ms. b.
we were talking about this one kid scott in my grade, who had recently told me to name my first son jordan (because my last name is sparks...) so somehow through all that, we determined that scott is actually God and is his own father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc. therefore, he's the only one at his family reunion. now if somebody mentions the 'scott benko family reunion', we all die laughing.

56. What's your sleeping pattern like? Anything you'd change?
8 hours a night...on a good night. i'm a night reader:)

57. What's wrong with the next generation?
they like justin bieber. anyone who likes justin bieber has serious problems.

58. How many tabs and windows do you have open right now?
in firefox, 3. other programs, i think i have a total of 6 open.

59. Is there any particular costume/cosplay you'd like to wear?
i really really really want to cosplay as L sometime. i feel like i could definitely pull it off.

60. When something goes wrong, who's the first person you blame?
my dog.

61. What's your favorite musical instrument?
[email protected]

62. If you could make one animal extinct, which one would it be? Why do they deserve it?
i don't think that any animal has to go extinct!!

63. Is the glass half empty, or half full?
it's just half.

64. What do you have as your wallpaper right now?
same thing as my world background, just with warmer colors.

65. Have you ever cross-dressed?
well, unless you count the one time that i cosplayed. in that case, yes.

66. Which is more fun: being short, or tall?

67. Got a boyfriend?
freshman boys are super immature.

68. What's the last trading card game you played?
pokemon, obviously.

69. Are sixty-nine jokes still funny?
they never were.

new brushes! XD

so today i had an ear infection.
great start to my morning, right?
well, because of this ear infection, i had to stay back from gym at school today with all the bad kids who forgot their clothing. after being yelled at by the principal for something i didn't do, i decided to make a good use of my 65-minute free period.
so i google searched "free photoshop brushes"
best google search i ever made.
everybody has brushes. everybody.
so i spent all of that period downloading brushes off of the interweb.
prepare for some freaking awesome pictures now that i have freaking awesome brushes.

that's all.

free sketches ^-^

hey all you six (five?) subscribers of mine,
(and anyone who might be reading this)
welp, i got the idea from NekoTenshiEmi.
i'm completely uninspired by everyday life, so if there's something you want me to draw, i'll draw it. I love to do colored pieces, so as long as it's not too complex, i'll color it too!

here's stuff i like to draw

  • people in love <3
  • regular people
  • funny little birds
  • attractive skinny men (haha)
  • skinny people in general

i'm a great doodler too, so keep that in mind.

here's stuff that I won't draw:

  • big burly men (blegh)
  • smexyness of any kind. that's just gross.
  • super-gory stuff. i can't draw blood, basically.
  • animals (excluding pokemon/gijinka)

doesn't need to be an art trade, but i like seeing other people's pictures!

any questions, just comment or PM.



two hundred words- the game

I remember feeling tiny, yet somehow protected in some way. Now that I look back on it, I realize how strange of a way that is to fall for someone. Oh well. Too late now.
He’s coming towards me. God, just kill me now. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. He’s so close now, calling my bluff with every step he takes. Go away. Don’t come over here. He doesn’t hear my mental thoughts. He doesn’t even talk to me. He just sneers. This is how we say hello. Of course I sneer right back at him, add a stuck-out tongue for good measure. Even though my face tells him I hate him, his eyes are soft and I fight a smile. Don’t let it show, though. That would ruin the point of the game.
The point of the game is to not let the other person know that you’re actually crazy about them. At least, that’s my objective. He wins if he finds out, I win if I don’t let him. The rules are simple: there are none. Any method of loathing is acceptable, give or take the occasional smile or compliment. Emphasis on the word occasional.

the music

it fills your head
your brain
your blood
the sound
it's deafening
it's blistering
it's pulsing
through your veins
they whisper
come and sing
sing a song
of death and love
sing of what
you see above
your head
is filled with
every single
there's more to come
there's more to
sing of all
that you can see
sing of him
of you
of me
sing so every
single voice
can join
there's more to come
(there actually is more to come, i just haven't thought of it yet.)