Oracle of the SEasons!!! And other retroness!

Hey all!
This has been my birthweek <3

So! Last week I made a few exciting developments. I realized by accident that I'd never beaten Donkey Kong Country for the game boy color, and so I went in and showed that pirate guy who was boss!

Uh huh. Yeah. So it all started coming back to me- the fake "The End?" screen, followed by his crazy jumping. In the past, I've tried rolling under him to avoid the attack, but obviously that wasn't working >_> so i tried something new. I jumped over him. LOL it was THAT easy.

Beat the game.
Then what?
Cranky Kong- Bless his retro loving heart- gave me a kudos and a horde of bananas. Would have been a LOT more exciting if I could just go through an easy level collecting hundreds of bananas! That would have been glorious. But no. Just a still frame and me clapping and then "bonus material unlocked!"

Apparently, now I can go through from the beginning now, either without save points or without barrels.... to complete more that 100% of original material. Why would I do that???! Ah... there are stickers. To print. I still don't have a game boy printer, since I first heard about it in the garden of Pokemon Silver, and I doubt I ever will.

So I felt proud of myself and thought I'd treat myself to a nice little stroll through zelda memory lane.
One thing about Zelda: I have link's Awakening and Oracle of the Ages.
On Link's Awakening I got stuck at the WindFish forever through trial and error trial and error because the thing wont die without using an insane amount of items in an insane pattern XD But I DID beat it.

In oracle of the ages, I happily escaped the Tokay island after 7 years of being marooned there. Yes, 7 real years I was stuck. The island theme song still gives me PTSD. *shudders. I'm a little purist when it comes to things. I do look up questions online every once in awhile if I'm very stuck on zelda. But those instances are rare. I value my resilience! So anyway. I had an epiphany, but the game was LOST. So I still couldn't continue.

Long story short, when I found the game, I got all the way to Lord Jabu in Zora's domain, but I never BEAT it. I've been living a LIE. XD
I had absolutely no clue. So what did I do? Picked it up and played it straight through to the end! It's amazing how you can beat something when you put it down for another 3 years XD Everything becomes so much clearer. I'll admit. Veran was a difficult spider/bee/demented fairy/ghost/ turtle?!. BUT. I spent all day at school fighting her until I beat her on the train coming home.

It was a very nostalgic feeling, winning. I remember playing that game when I was in 6th grade. <3

And then....It said something like "Oracle of the Seasons coming's your code"
I wrote it down on the back of a college financial aid receipt XD

I was stoked. My birthday is on the ninth, so I was like "I know what I want!!!! Oracle of the Seasons!!!!!"

Then I remembered tsubasachro's brother playing oracle of the seasons when he was in fourth grade or so. And Today we traded games! I entered the code and it remembered my name, gave me an extra heart to begin with, and gave me all my magical rings. Plus, everyone in town was like "hey, I know you!" <3 That poor kid I named Braty was there too >_>

So anyways. I feel so happy and excited right now. I've read part of the seasons manga before ^_^ People say "this is why your should look up walk throughs"... but I disagree. I've had a good 10 years of game play ;)

haha. Well, part of that was me not cleaning my room well enough to keep track of my games. We've come a long way.

I'll post my dream next time guys, i think you've read enough.

Got paper and balloons and markers!!!!!!Thanks tsubasachro!