My surprise party on TheO

*EDIT oh and don't worry, I won't open my presents you all gave me until the ninth. Only fair.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It came as a complete surprise ^_^ Mostly because, my birthday is on the 9th! I have no idea how my info changed XD
Anyways, I kinda liked it better this way, if you know what I mean. I popped in to do my daily check of my favorite websites and I already had 9 messages. Funny how my first thought was "Am I in trouble?!" But they were gifts from all of you :P
I've never had a surprise party, so thank you all for brightening my birthmonth unexpectedly! I didn't even know August had begun! You know what that means! PARTY ALL MONTH LONG!!!! That's the Leo way.

And actually. I think you guys are right. This SHOULD be my birthday! XD So come on, bring out the cake!

On my real birthday, you see, I have School ;_; until about 5. But then! My family is going to see a musical Comedy! Today though, I have off, and some of my friends are getting together to play the wii!

I'll be turning 21, but I don't plan on drinking ;)

anywho thank you again- I'm very happy!!!!!
You don't have to celebrate with me again on the 9th if you don't want too XD Sorry for the confusion.