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My favorite works are done by CLAMP!
I recently have become fascinated with e-cards, but I love my wallpapers, as you can see from that lovely trophy...You might find me in the chatroom now and again, but only if I'm really bored XD
I call myself the SPOILER QUEEN! I love you all <3... Seriously, there is no place like TheO.

Oracle of the SEasons!!! And other retroness!

Hey all!
This has been my birthweek <3

So! Last week I made a few exciting developments. I realized by accident that I'd never beaten Donkey Kong Country for the game boy color, and so I went in and showed that pirate guy who was boss!

Uh huh. Yeah. So it all started coming back to me- the fake "The End?" screen, followed by his crazy jumping. In the past, I've tried rolling under him to avoid the attack, but obviously that wasn't working >_> so i tried something new. I jumped over him. LOL it was THAT easy.

Beat the game.
Then what?
Cranky Kong- Bless his retro loving heart- gave me a kudos and a horde of bananas. Would have been a LOT more exciting if I could just go through an easy level collecting hundreds of bananas! That would have been glorious. But no. Just a still frame and me clapping and then "bonus material unlocked!"

Apparently, now I can go through from the beginning now, either without save points or without barrels.... to complete more that 100% of original material. Why would I do that???! Ah... there are stickers. To print. I still don't have a game boy printer, since I first heard about it in the garden of Pokemon Silver, and I doubt I ever will.

So I felt proud of myself and thought I'd treat myself to a nice little stroll through zelda memory lane.
One thing about Zelda: I have link's Awakening and Oracle of the Ages.
On Link's Awakening I got stuck at the WindFish forever through trial and error trial and error because the thing wont die without using an insane amount of items in an insane pattern XD But I DID beat it.

In oracle of the ages, I happily escaped the Tokay island after 7 years of being marooned there. Yes, 7 real years I was stuck. The island theme song still gives me PTSD. *shudders. I'm a little purist when it comes to things. I do look up questions online every once in awhile if I'm very stuck on zelda. But those instances are rare. I value my resilience! So anyway. I had an epiphany, but the game was LOST. So I still couldn't continue.

Long story short, when I found the game, I got all the way to Lord Jabu in Zora's domain, but I never BEAT it. I've been living a LIE. XD
I had absolutely no clue. So what did I do? Picked it up and played it straight through to the end! It's amazing how you can beat something when you put it down for another 3 years XD Everything becomes so much clearer. I'll admit. Veran was a difficult spider/bee/demented fairy/ghost/ turtle?!. BUT. I spent all day at school fighting her until I beat her on the train coming home.

It was a very nostalgic feeling, winning. I remember playing that game when I was in 6th grade. <3

And then....It said something like "Oracle of the Seasons coming soon...here's your code"
I wrote it down on the back of a college financial aid receipt XD

I was stoked. My birthday is on the ninth, so I was like "I know what I want!!!! Oracle of the Seasons!!!!!"

Then I remembered tsubasachro's brother playing oracle of the seasons when he was in fourth grade or so. And Today we traded games! I entered the code and it remembered my name, gave me an extra heart to begin with, and gave me all my magical rings. Plus, everyone in town was like "hey, I know you!" <3 That poor kid I named Braty was there too >_>

So anyways. I feel so happy and excited right now. I've read part of the seasons manga before ^_^ People say "this is why your should look up walk throughs"... but I disagree. I've had a good 10 years of game play ;)

haha. Well, part of that was me not cleaning my room well enough to keep track of my games. We've come a long way.

I'll post my dream next time guys, i think you've read enough.

Got paper and balloons and markers!!!!!!Thanks tsubasachro!


Too Good To Be True? Almost....

First of all....

Thank you everyone who thought of me on my birthday, even if you didn't send a card or gift ^_^

I worked at the theatre all day on my birthday.. But I got free ice cream out of it XD Annnnnnd, when I got home, we all when to the pancake house for dinner/breakfast! I went to bed with the sound promise of hanging out with friends and family the next day.

That morning I grabbed brunch with two friends. We had pizza, and I, no longer a veggetarian, ordered the ham and pineapple pizza. It was delicious XD I had lemonade with it, and then I opened gifts. From one of them I got a blue hat, and two wooden nickels, and some hello panda cookies, and some animal crackers, and a lunch box! Oh and veggies! And the other friend treated us to dessert. He says my gift is an anime series, but it hasn't come in the mail yet. The anticipation is killing meeeeee.

For dessert, I got three gynormous scoops of each of my favorite flavors, and let them battle it out on my taste buds. Between coffee, cookies and cream, and double fudge brownie, the cookies and cream won (It was gone first). I wasn't able to finish all of the ice cream though, but I guess now I know that it is possible to be full of ice cream!

When I went to Aurora's house (tsubasachro), I pretended to put an episode of LOST on, but really I was putting on TSUBASA SHUNRAIKI... That's right, my family got the japanese collectors edition for me that came with book 26!!!!!!!!Omg it was like a dream come true (Literally! I had a dream I tried to buy it but they were all out). It is beautiful.

Anyway, the dvd player says "disc error" so I begin to freak out. It's the feeling you get when you've just found a plushie of you're favorite obscure character in a random store and wake up only to find it was just a dream. For a minute I thought horrifically that it was too good to be true. Aurora at this time, found the remote control (I now know they call it that because you always find it in remote locations XD) and realized the disc wasn't working. She took out the disc and I'm like, "well there goes the surprise!"

She tells me that it is designed for a different region! And if only "you told me sooner, I could have tried to fix the problem." But it was a surprise remember? Who knew it would go kaplooee on me >_<? So she tries to put it into a portable DVD player and hook it up to the TV. It doesn't work.

She disappears for a moment and comes back hauling in her laptop. "This is Plan C, Borealis, if this doesn't work, then I don't have a plan D."

The laptop said that it could change regions 4 times.We all cross our fingers and search for more outlets,eventually carpeting the floor with wires and cords until it is a tangled mess. We now have a projector involved, along with 4 speakers to give that good Tsubasa sound some extra boost. It's on the laptop, and it's on the ceiling! We wanted to lie down, turn out the lights, and watch it like that, but then another idea struck us!

Aurora called to our other friend to ask her mom where one of her sheets for her college dorm was. We smoothe it out over the TV screen, and direct the projection on top of it.


Aurora rocks, seriously, she saved the day!

We watched it under the "play all" option (which was in englis for some cool and very helpful reason), and began to watch it! Her brother's like "where's the subtitles?"

After that, we enjoyed the large screen a bit longer, watching some you tube amvs (including, but not limited to.... YU GI OH abridged: Lady Ga Ga Leather pants!!!!! ah hem...).

Then I went to a mexican restaurant and I got sung to and I ate this cool smore dessert! AND I GOT TO TAKE HOME A SOMBRERO!


So overall a fantastical birthday!!!!! :D :D
*hugs to all

~Wall-iE / Borealis

The Story Of Jillian

You know that song, Jillian by Within Temptation? Well, this short story is based off of it! XD
It is for the challenge : The story of a song.
A very cool idea, so I had to accept!
Enjoy the sad story T_T


I do not age. I am trapped inside of my own image, the prison where I am confined, condemned to an endless undeath. To endless guilt. My soul finds no refuge. The gate to the beyond is barred to me, an impossibility in the shadow of crimes I unknowingly committed against my own twin. Jillian. In life, I had thought her a traitor, and I was cruel to her, unforgiving. I sentenced her to a life of exile, expelling her from my kingdom, the royal city of Falvakyri where we grew up as princesses together. She said nothing in her defense. With a single tear she did as I commanded, leaving, never to return again. I was wrong. I passed judgment where the crime was that of my own adviser, Sir Roland. Unbeknownst to me then, he was a knight fully unworthy of his status, he mocked honor, he spat upon the foundation of love and life and he tricked me into distrusting everyone, even my own kin. Foolish and afraid, I loved this man. Nay, I loved the man I thought he was, but he had all of us under his spell of charm. His deception and spite was shrouded in the aura of concern he emitted for me as my sister took up training in the ancient magic. When Sir Roland told that Jillian worked her magic against me, winning the favor of the nobility through bewitchment and vying to steal my title as queen I was furious! Rational thought was only a suggestion. My insecurities became manifest as I responded without reserve, scorning my flesh and blood, my mirror image, my loving sister… as a witch and abandoning her to a life of pain.

Dreams as light as air that we shared as children, when we thought we would live forever, and always be together, haunt me now, as thick as the darkness I cannot escape. Lifeless and mournful as a ghost, I do not sleep. I do not live. The places that I haunt, wandering as she must have wandered, friendless in a world that had rejected her, is as distant to me as a dream. The painful walking is numbed by my conscience. I am surprised that I can walk, through a fog that clouds my eyes, misty like tears, and in the ever presence of my guilt, and the bonds that chain me to it.

My existence, however ethereal, means nothing to me! I would trade my heart and my soul to bring her back to me. If we could fade from this world together in peace, that would be a release from this misery. To be forgiven by her—But too selfish is that hope. Simply to find her wandering soul once again, and stop that final tear from falling, is my only wish.

I travel onward. Eating without tasting, sleeping without stopping for rest, a mere imitation of life I am a ragged specter on the horizon, refusing to pass on, or perhaps simply unable to do so. I feel something very tangible chaining me to this plane of existence, as though skeletal hands have me pinned to the lace that covers the path of my sister. The lace is her evanescent presence leading me forward. I do not look back but to reflect in memory.

I remember with a pang in my heart, similar to the one that I felt after Sir Roland disappeared. I assumed he was in meditation, preparing for the ride out to the eastern border. The Minotaur nation was massing an invasion and he would need his strength for the journey. A week passed, and I sought him out. The last reports of him were that he was seen in the castle’s tallest tower, the library, staring as if in a trance to the East. I ran to the tower, finding a note…A note written in blood. Though there was no body left behind, I feared for my advisor, my lover’s, life.

The librarian reported with a shaking voice that the note was a curse, one that my sister had undoubtedly crafted to hold Sir Roland under a trance. And so it was too late. If he had fallen from the window, he would have plummeted to the moat below, and suffered a horrific death. How could she have done such a thing!? Whatever happened to the girl she once was? The girl I called sister? I blamed the magic for tainting our bond, and I wept for him as the seasons passed me by...

When he appeared all those years later, very much alive, smiling like a murderer I realized the truth. A knife to my throat, a dagger to my heart, and I was plunged into a barrier that stung me like poison. I wished it was poison. I would drink to my empty heart’s content, filling it up to drown that vast volume that he carved there. I looked behind, felt myself drifting for the first time. I was somewhere between the edge of sanity and the edge of reality, awakening to a nightmare that I realized was the life I left behind.

Sir Roland, now king and usurper. My people, now the subjugated. The minotaurs, police the streets, frightening the children whose faces I could not bear to look upon. Their innocence was something strong, they seemed to repel myself as a magnet rejects itself. Though a ghost, they could sense me, as I could sense the terribly lonely soul of my sister, and they shunned me on an unconscious level, giving me the charity of their pity.

I finally realized then, the true treachery. He whom I had mourned for, had taken my life, and altered the life of my sister. His disgraceful sorcery, not hers, was responsible for my downfall. By removing her, through my command, he was able to dispose of the one magician in training who could have matched his own level of magic, given time. She paid for his crime.

Dust. That was what surrounded me. Dust from the ground, like crumbling fortifications of the soul. The very foundations of courage cracked into a division. A ravine of tears that flowed to the very heart of everything. One moment it is winter, and the next it is summer. The blazing sun on my frozen skin is a curse in itself, but I welcome the pain as penance. Grace me with the edge of a thousand daggers, a thousand rays of violent sun. I welcome every one.

Roland’s kingdom, in time fell. It rose through the renaissance, bringing a revolution of science and thought. Magic was forgotten. It knew a time of peace, a golden age of wisdom, sins of the past forgiven. But I still do not forgive myself.

I thought that love was the meaning of life. Foolishly, I sought it out, and just when I thought I had found it, I betrayed the closest person to me. The closest love I tossed aside, as easily as if it had never existed. Years of developing dreams with her… To fly, to build a secret castle in the trees, to see the ocean, oh the deep blue that bards spun songs about. That body of water cradling the world in its arms. I was sure I would find her there! Another lap around the world, and I still only see salty air. If those were her tears that she shed after she was gone from my sight, I would not be surprised. I could feel an all permeating sadness around me that I longed to console. Like she once was here. In the silence I whisper, praying that she hears:

“We won't be together for ever and ever, no more tears. I'll always be here until the end...”

Riddles FTW

This is my riddle for the riddle challenge.
I assure you my riddle is original,
I wrote it just a moment ago. Maybe it's not so hard to figure out, but at least I get points for creativity!!!!


I dart along the rim of consciousness
I am you
twisting along a crisis of independence
to your mind I’m evanescent--
one moment so clear
like a lover,
long hours so near…

…I encourage your ambivalence.

Take a look at the mirror,
this side of another life time,
I come in every length and color
I haunt you while you slumber
but I am shaken by the thunder…

… A trap
like glue!
So you’re not me,
I’m just you.

I am a release
like new
a contradiction
a medicine
an illness
a wellness
you’ll only forget me when you quit
I’ll only be embraced
as much as you open up to me.

Some keep their eyes open
to rebel against my lure
because I lurk in the dark
whispering to the victim
my sweet or sour lies.

Some close their eyes
to trap me instead
as if they could!
As if they could see through my disguise!

Can you?
I’ll give you a hint:
You can only see me
without using your eyes.

Why Wallpaperotaku?

My Entry to Littlepooch's challenge
Excellent question!
Well everyone needs a name right? Well, this is a looong explanation, so bear with me. First of all, I am not Wallpaperotaku because I feel I'm good at making wallpapers (now I like to think I am, but that was not the original intent). Secondly, I am not an admin, nor carry any official position on the team of this site (as a few people once asked me.) Forgive me for the misnomer.

In the beginning, in the MyO days, I was "Wtevr". Most of my older friends know this. Thinking back now, I wasn't sure what to call myself, and I was very much aware that a name is a way of identification, of judgement and first impressions (well, that and the avatar you may have). I knew that it was such a huge choice, that I finally decided to go with "Wtevr", which I think reflected that frustration XD. A few months after registering, I discovered that, while on the computers at school, I might accidentally forget to log out, and the last thing I wanted was to have a classmate take advantage of that. I saw it happen to people on Deviantart before, and I wanted to insure I kept the evildoers at bay. Thus, I created the Most. Generic. Username. Ever.


Seriously, it was a username, for the sake of a username.

My sister was the one to introduce me to the site at the time, and before I had registered, I really thought it was a Spiral Wallpaper website, because that was the only reason she ever visited it. On the shared computer, Theotaku.com was saved to the favorites as something like: www.spiral/wallpapers.theotaku.com

Of course, when I joined, I discovered all the Tsubasa goodies, and uploaded a buch of wallpapers as Wtevr. I didn't do much fanart though, most of it is hanging in Tsubasachro's room from that time period. (Speaking of which, tsu, where did I get that giant paper again????)

Wallpaperotaku, then, was the easy to remember, generic, username that I would use on the school computers to do NOTHING except browze, or check Wtevr's comments. I could sleep easy knowing that if I was hacked, it would be on this wallpaperotaku account who no one knew anyway. I never anticipated for it to transform into my backup plan!

The day of State Testing. That is what I blame. In fact, that next day I got a telephone call from tsubasachro who was worried I might have changed "Wtevr's" password.

The text of the test was a simple one, guiding people on the internet to make safe passwords. Include one number, it said. But not your birthday! Make it something only YOU understand.Etc,.

So, basically, I freaked out.

It was at least 10:00 at night when I went through dozens of password changes. I did not write the final one down, because I was so tired!
When Tsubasachro called me, hoping I had done nothing drastic, I desperately attempted to log in. And log in. And log in. But it was no use, it was time to put Wtevr to rest and enter a new era.

It wasn't easy. First, as wallpaperotaku (How I at first loathed the name, that was to be my label for the next three years. I had grown so attached to Wtevr), I went and favorited every single one of Wtevr's fanworks. Then, I added all of my old friends, sending them each a pm explaining who I was. How nice it would have been to have had multiple pms during the MyO days XD

Finally, I came to terms with my fate. Wallpaper and Otaku, were not just parts of the website link. They were a part of my favorite website link. And that meant that it was meaningful. Afterall, I call myself an Otaku (even though I have been told that it is MEANT to be derogatory XD) and I make wallpapers. At least it plotted out my purpose clearly, just as the title of the site did. Perhaps with such a clear cut username, I would be better understood than Wtevr, who, rather than doing whatever, mostly made wallpapers anyway! So overall I accepted the change.

Now, I'm going to wrap this up with some nickname explanations. Some call me Borealis, as they call Tsubasachro Aurora. That's because Aurora Borealis is a separate account that we use for any collaborative works that we work on together. Since the 6th grade, I've been fascinated by the northern lights, and as soon as tsubasachro could spell Borealis, I was able to covince her to take the name with me.

Wallie, is what many people out there call wallpapers. And a lot of people call me "Wallpaper". So that's why I often call myself "Wallie". After "Wall-E" came out in the movies, however, it felt only fitting to emulate that. So now I am fond of being called "Wallie" or "Wall-iE".

So now you know. XD Thanks for listening to me ramble on! Lol the links look like caveman talk....