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Japan Town B-day outing

I went to Japan Town to celebrate my birthday (I'm turning 18 on the 9th)!

Well, it was a lot of fun! I went with Aurora (Tsubasachro)! I cosplayed as Yuko from Holic, and She was Watanuki ^_^ We had a great time looking through tons of Manga and other cool stuff. I also met deviantart member: Kawaiipai there, and suggested some manga to her. One boy in the store thought that Tsubasachro was an employee, and then she was afraid in every restaurant that we went to that she would be mistaken for a waiter.

We ate there, and I ended up buying a Tsubasa poster- the one with the whole gang in the sakura trees with the candles-- and an Asuka manga magazine. Tsubasachro got the Zetman books 1 and 2.

I opened my gift and.... guess what Tsubasachro got me? 1500 sheets of white paper, and some markers ^_^ I was so happy! I had just ran out of drawing paper too!

Someone saw us in passing and said "Are you guys from holic? I didn't expect anyone to be dressed up!" We posed for a picture ^_^

When we were returning home, we stopped by the mall for dessert and I realized we would have to face the outside world in costume! but it was fine XD Even if every one gave us weird stares.... at least a few people smiled ^_^ But I was okay, despite the "scandalous" appearance of Yuko's outfit (which is very hot by the way. I was lucky to have brought with me a fan, which Watanuki used to keep me from over heating XD) I was wearing shorts underneath

Uh, what ellllllse. When I got home, I played KHII, watched part of the comedy "Murder by death" and colored in a Kitsune drawing with my new markers. I can't wait to start drawing on my new paper. Prepare yourselves!!!!!!!!


Kaze1 dedicated this to me ^_^

She knows I love Malfoy! Look what Kaze1 drew!

External Image


wellllll I'm going on a trip for five days, so....*hugs*

I'll see you all later ^_^


My grad party was fun yesterday, but now I'm not feeling so well. Someone somewhere stole my purse... T___T

...so yeah.

Grad party!

My grad party is today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to honor this by playing a "How well do you know Wallpaperotaku" game XD Answer as many as you want ^_^

1. What color do I not look good in?
2. Who is my favorite Tsubasa character (careful now)
3. What Sport have I been a part of?
4. What is the most common compliment I'm given on TheO?
5. Name at least one thing I collect!
6. What am I not good at?
7. 2 novels have had a great impact on my life. (name at least 1)
8. When did I first see snow (and was old enough to remember it?)
9. How many friends do I have on TheO whom I have know since before the Separation and the OtakyLypse who are still active today? (take a guess XD)
10. What do I do while I'm not eating/sleeping/or doing school work?
11. What book would I want on a deserted island?
12. In my collaborative account "Aurora Borealis" am I Aurora or Borealis?
13. What is my favorite board game?
14. What time do I usually fall asleep?
15. What was the last book I read?
16. What was my favorite meal growing up XD (pick a restaraunt)
17. If I could possess one super power what would it be?
18. What commercial product would I refuse to endorse?
19. Who does Kyo love in my FanFiction Feather's and Hogwarts AKA Tsarry Basotter?
20. What kind of music makes me want to get up and sing?
21. What is my favorite Disney animated movie?
22. What is my favorite chocolate bar?
23. What is my favorite soda?
24. What language would I like to master?
25. If I was a teacher, what would I teach?
26. If given a canvas and watercolors, what would I paint?
27. What is the best costume I ever wore for Halloween?
28. Who is my Favorite Super Hero?
29. Who would I like to see in concert?
30. What is my favorite Video game (be specific!)