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My favorite works are done by CLAMP!
I recently have become fascinated with e-cards, but I love my wallpapers, as you can see from that lovely trophy...You might find me in the chatroom now and again, but only if I'm really bored XD
I call myself the SPOILER QUEEN! I love you all <3... Seriously, there is no place like TheO.

Homework help

Hi! I'm doing a Health Project for school, and my teacher wants me to find out what Physical Education classes are like in other countries , not just the USA :D So what kind of classes or programs are offered where you live? And what are the most famous sports? Are there a lot of parks and trails? Just anything Health related/fitness stuff you can think of XD

I just thought it would be cool to get a personal account about this stuff ^_^



Holic Cosplay!

This is it! What you've all been waiting for! Borealis, me, as Yuko, and Aurora, tsubasachro, as Watanuki!!!!!!! Yay!

Sorry for the bad quality, all the pics were taken on my camera phone and edited on paint XD



Color Contest

Hey guys! Don't foget to color in one of the winning chibis! Give these picture's some love and life through color! You have time, I know you do, to choose one of three pictures and give it some blues reds and greens. If you're feeling daring, spark some competition folks! So far there have only been 2 entries. And that means they will be guaranteed winners, by default. We can't have THAT CAN WE???

So come on, click the link http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/challenges/view/192/b%26w_chibi%3A_part_ii-_color_them%21%21%21

Give these black and white chibi's some love.




I just got hired for my first job! At a movie Theatre! I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet but I start Friday ^M^

My Birthday!

Thanks to all of you who signed my portfolio, sent me gifts, gave me Pm's and dedicated Wallpapers to me today ^_^ It means a lot!

<3 you all!

I went to my grandparents' house today, had pizza and cake :D It was a lot of fun!