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Remember, will comment on any fan work/ world I read or see, to let you know I was there. If I haven't seen something that you think I'd enjoy, please note that it may be because I missed it,or other friend updates have taken its place. Don't be afraid to pm me and let me know!

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My favorite works are done by CLAMP!
I recently have become fascinated with e-cards, but I love my wallpapers, as you can see from that lovely trophy...You might find me in the chatroom now and again, but only if I'm really bored XD
I call myself the SPOILER QUEEN! I love you all <3... Seriously, there is no place like TheO.

Sad, distraught, tied up in a knot....

Wallie is saaaaad. Her school just canceled Senior picnic because so many seniors ditched on senior ditch day..... She did not ditch...she wasn't going anyway, but now seniors are saying they will rebel by ditching the day on friday... If anyone ditches.... they've threatened to cancel my senior ball T________T I hope no one does. I've been really looking forward to the ball :(

This image is my emotions:

ALMOST Catastrophic mistake


I came THIS close to accidentally throwing away a part of my four leaf clover collection!!!! I was cleaning my room, of course and I put a part of a very very old history essay into the designated trash pile. As I was sorting books, I glanced over to see that it had fallen from the pile so I hastened to put it back . Once it was in the pile AGAIN.... I saw it. On the back, I had taped five four leaf clovers to the back of it......... ( Yes I collect them. I have found about 257)
Thank goodness I saw the back of that history assignment. What do you guys think? Throwing away four leaf clovers would be unlucky, but because they are lucky, I was lucky enough to realize my mistake ^_^
Speaking of collections... I got a fleetwood mac hat for my hat collection! It's orange :3 Yays!

Heres a pic I took with my phone.... kinda blurry, but upon my honor I tell you it is a real four leafer. *HUGS*

Kittens' kitty card I made!

External Image

A card I made with a picture of kittens 3's cat! So cute !!!

been forever

Been forever!!!!!!!!!!!
*hugs to you all!*
oh so busy! Last night was the school play's opening night and we did very well! There were of course the problems: people falling, lights falling, etc, but overall the audience enjoyed it!
I've been having crazy dreams! All last week it was Halloween dream after Halloween dream! XD Why?????? In one dream, some character had to kill himself to escape zombies,and vampires in another i tried to eat doughnuts but they were behind bars and kept turning into glow sticks, in another I made a deviant art friend who only drew halloween stuff and 20 new ones each day, and another one there was trick-or-treating at the mall and I had to fight a witch and then a UFO was invading a beach, in yet another one the carebears returned and wanted to go bowling with me but I don't bowl!!!!!
huff huff.
In other news, I submitted a fan art, did not win the easter comic contest T__T, am going to be judging my "mile in tsubasa shoes" contest, updated my feathers and hogwarts fan fiction, went to the chatroom, saw Aurora and watched Chuck ( an Awesome show I highly recommend) and waited for tsubasa/ holic spoilers that have yet to show them selves!

I miss GreanLeaf, Sparkle 078 and Magic Ringer! They seem to have disappeared!!
(Not to speak for myself who was gone for two weeks)

as such... What did I miss? Any new artwork you'd like me to see? post a link and I'll head on over to start commenting.
Oh! Also made that mastercard mastersword ecard..... That was lots of fun! Originally it was going to be a chrono cross ecard about time travel, then I wanted to incoporate the word master....... And came up with the perfect master sword!

Flowers! And yes the allergens have made their areal assault!I'm only barely fighting them off, though I've called for reinforcements. This morning I woke up sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. I thought I would sneeze myself off the planet and choke in outer space!!!!!!!!!

also.... I went to a drama club murder mystery party and that was a lot of fun. It was a role play based in Hawaii! I thought for sure I was going to die, but, as fate would have it, I the "nerd's wife" survived with my bag of necessitys ( I had a bag prop full of head phones, buttons, a map, a rain maker.... you name it.) And there was so much food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah. I am a very happy wallpaperotaku. Speaking of that, Aurora and I were discussing how we should switch names XD But that is a story for Aurora Borealis to tell!

See yah, and remember, keep a sharp eye peeled for SPOILERS and GLITCHES!!!!

*Hugs to you all again *


SO the highlights of this week have been :
1. I am officially undefeated at arm wrestling XD
I beat five guys on friday ^^
2. I made a fan comic about a fly swatter. I'm waiting for it to be approved now.
3. I wrote a chapter of a Ninja/pirate fanfiction that you can read on Lunesoldier's world.
4. I read Holic chapter 180
5. I have a limited day schedule at school next week due to testing, that I don't have to take ^_^
6. I went a whole week without glitches.... so sadly I have nothing to report today XD
7. I saw a ton of fabulous wallies!
8. I........hmmm what else?
9. I had a weird dream that I was in Aladdin's palace and he took me to the underworld to meet Hercules. All the ghosts were on their cell phones trying to meet up with their loved ones. ^_^ it was actually kinda cute and happy.
10. I had a dream my dance instructor was running after me with an army of ballerinas O_o
11. I had other weird dreams XD
12. I watched Yu gi oh abridged (awesome stuff) and CHUCK (awesome series)
13. I saw Aurora and I beat her at Mario Kart Wii..... She beat me a few times too. Ganging up on me like that!!!!
Tata for now!