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I did it... I beat Skyward Sword.

Who here has played this awesome game?

I LOVE that this game incorporates land sea and sky... and time!

Today, I marathoned it, gathering the last two pieces of triforce, and plowing through to the end of the game. At the end, tsubasachro and I cheered and clinked our sparkling lemonade glasses.

Come to think of it, this might have been a good post for Aurora Borealis.
Aw well. Maybe I'll make another one when Aurora is here.

Anywhoo. After fighting legions of those red goblins and struggling to fight ghirahim(sp?), quitting each time so that if I died, I would still have all my hearts, we found out that if I pressed "continue" then I would skip the legion diversion and go straight to the Lord Ghirahim fight.

SO! What did we do of course, but to stock up on potions! I hadn't used potions at all until this point in the game, and it's a good thing too, because now I needed the ingredients, and I had most of them. I had to go hunting for grasshoppers and fireflies, but otherwise I was able to very quickly mix a 3 minute invincibility potion. I love being invincible. It is the best way to fight, I'm telling you.

We also bought a stamina potion (less for running for a long time, and more for swinging my sword like crazy) and a heart potion (which we later replaced with a fairy from the temple jar, because it's better to have something revive you!).

Then, after collecting some gratitude crystals and getting a large wallet/cursed medal, we were on our way! (cursed metal prevents the use of potions, but our pouch was already full so it went straight to the item check girl, whose heart I broke earlier today and then whose father gave me a gratitude crystal for "breaking her up with that good for nothing"--AWKWARD!)

Finally I got to destroy that red flaming Demise guy who looks so much like gannon.... The playing field was beautiful! Like a giant sky above a crystal pond (that becomes corrupted but still awesome when Demise does his thing) All the potions working together made the fight manageable, and we were able to sit back and watch the wonderful ending.

I have to say that the best part of today, besides cheering and drinking down "victory juice" was seeing Lord Ghirahim's "ritual dance"... I wonder if that is on Youtube...YUP

also it was funny imagining Demise's insistence on meeting link somewhere else was a love note..."if you really want to (be with me) fight me, you will come for me in a place where there can be no distractions" XD he said SOMETHING like that.

Also, Groose loves young Impa, I think. Also, someone needs to make a fan fiction called "The Legend of Groose" and it needs to be totally biased with Groose's version of the story.

Final question: Will Link live forever down below SkyLoft, with Zelda? He only smiled...I know the guy doesn't say much, but he could at least give a nod. In the end, I guess it's our choice. Well, it's not like I can go back and plead Item Check girl's forgiveness, is it?! Sigh.... what was her name? I think it started with a "P." How sad is that?! Oh well.... Did anyone here continue leading her along? I guess that would be sadder.

I also really liked the line she said about broken hearts, that women become more beautiful after their heart is broken.... Optimism FTW!

Hey you! Yeah you! Thanks for the B-day wishes!


Just to let ya know, I had a great birthday, even though I had to work XD

Today....I am going to spend my b-day money on anime related thhhiiiiinnngggs!!!!




Hey all!

Today's blog topic is....Pinocchio.
Am I finally spelling that right, without having to look it up? ^_^

Fun Facts: You may notice some strange inconsistencies between the first and second halves. Why? It was serialized- which makes for very fun reading, by the way. Each chapter reads like a separate, though continuous, adventure.

Due to a positive reaction, Carlo Collodi continued the story past chapter 15 (The chapter where Pinocchio is hanged 0_0). Originally, he paid for his "stupidity" with death. I put stupidity in quotes, because Pinocchio is really just a piece of wood with will, and utterly inexperienced. Still....If someone tells you to bury your money, water it, leave for twenty minutes, and there will be a giant money tree in its place....just.don't.listen. K?

It is the second most translated book in the world. Any guess as to which book holds first place?

(All of this, according to my History of Children's Lit. Professor!)
I really don't remember the Disney movie, folks. Except that it scared me to death and I was furious that none of the other boys were saved from PlayLand.
The book is much more charming. Not focusing directly on lying (though it is a factor), I find the main theme of this book (beyond learning to love) to be Self sufficiency/Happiness. Pinocchio faces two options....Miserable Slavery or Happy employment. The irony is that Pinocchio seeks happiness through idleness that leads to enslavement, and avoids the misery of school that would lead him on the path to employment.

The question to ask yourself is, would you want to go to Playland? A themepark like place where everyday is the weekend and school is out from January 1st to December 31st? Orrrrrrrrrr..... would you suspect something fishy about that!? Would you risk it?



Hey everybody!
I've been wanting to start a blog for a while....but I don't know where to start! I figure that after I get started it will all come easily enough...

This will be a post about Music!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am reeeeaaaallly bad with knowing song titles, musician names, and band groups. So conversations with me about music usually begin with the other person saying, "You know that song: 'Blah.'" And then I say, "No, I don't. Why don't you sing part of it for me?"

The problem is that most people are incredibly uncomfortable with singing. They say they can't/ that it is embarrassing....Sometimes they hum instead. Apparently humming is socially more acceptable. Maybe it doesn't count as embarassing because you never open your mouth. Maybe because it is quieter and easier to rush and get it over with.

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a musical....so that everyone would HAVE to sing at some point during the day, and no one would think it odd...they might even join in.

I love karaoke, musicals, singing at the top of my lungs to the radio, and looking up lyrics to the songs I like.

What about you? Are you afraid to sing? Have you been in a musical before?

Link's Journal ch.1

August 7th, 2012

Hey all,

Yesterday I woke up in a strange new kingdom after a voice asked me to save the world... I thought I just did! Aw well, it should be pretty easy since i have all those nifty weapons I collected in Labrynna.

Wait. Just a wooden sword! What's going on!?

Our old friend Impa tells me that Din looked over me through my nightmares. First of all, I don't remember having nightmares, secondly, how exactly does one "look over" you during a nightmare. Shoulda woken me up or something! Maybe she was literally just staring at me 0_0

The troupe of performers who were there were incognito knights. They told how clever they were, that this secret was going to help them sneak somewhere and that Din was a great dancer to boot. They said all of this pretty loudly, made me dance, and then exclaimed "I won't fall as easily as Nayru!"

I knew then that something bad was going to happen. And of course, a tornado comes through and everybody starts disappearing! I did what I could with my puny stick, but to no avail. Din was taken hostage by Onox? And the seasons began to go crazy. Din, oracle of the seasons, was gone.

I took a look through town, met some old friends, tried to gather info. Everybody relocated here from the other town for some reason... It was good seeing everyone again! The Maku tree in this city is a man, who loves sleeping. Didn't know trees could sleep. Is he and Ent?

He gave me a key, but I didn't realize I had to pick it up, so I went all the way to the first dungeon without it and then had to go back XD

After risking my life to retrieve some soil, I followed a suspicious fellow to this weird underground lava town that had goron music playing. They looked like Darklings though... After learning how to dance, I was given a boomerang. I really don't know how that's going to come in handy.

Stumbling upon the temple, i got the season rod or whatever you call it. Sadl I cannot change the season to whatever I want. Only winter :(

I can't help but worry about how the world will suffer now that I have this new toy.